"Google says that its most salient approach to fueling innovation is creating 'casual collisions' between coworkers to help spark creativity." 

– Lazlo Bock, Work Rules!: Insights from Google That Will Transform How You Lead and Live

Create "Casual Collisions"

Introduce people in your office to get coffee or lunch together on a weekly or monthly basis to strengthen bonds and retain a sense of intimacy as your company scales.

Keep Remote Employees Connected

Regularly introduce people from your whole company to get coffee or do a hangout ("virtual coffee") to keep employees in all offices connected and engaged.

Collaborate Cross-Team

Connect people across different groups and departments to foster more cross-team collaboration, which sparks creativity and improves productivity.

Integrate New Hires

Ensure that new hires feel welcome and get to know their coworkers by matching them with buddies during their first few months for daily coffees or weekly lunches.

Build Communities

Facilitate networking opportunities by introducing people within company affinity and interest groups, or within non-office Slack teams (e.g. a community or alumni group).

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