Premium Pricing is simple:

Premium Donut subscriptions are $49 per month for your first 10 users + $5 per user per month after the first 10.

We only bill you for active users, and you're in control of how many active users are in Donut.

Who counts as an active user?

Active users are defined as Donut admins, new hires, stakeholders like buddies or managers, and any existing employees that are scheduled to receive content via Donut in Slack. So each active person in Donut (regardless of role) counts as an active user.

Note: Donut only counts admins and users receiving Donut messages as users, NOT necessarily everyone in your Slack workspace.

What does that mean for my company?

Beta Premium pricing scales with the amount of users you add to Donut each month, so the monthly price increases as usage increases.

Price will vary based on your exact onboarding process – length, number of stakeholders involved, etc. – but assuming your onboarding lasts 3 months, here's roughly what you can expect your monthly pricing to be:

Why is Donut's Premium plan priced this way?

Hiring rates ebb and flow, and processes change over time. We get it! We designed our pricing with that in mind by aligning cost with the value you get from using Donut, rather than just the size of your company.

Our usage-based pricing structure takes into account your hiring rate each month, as well as the robustness of your Premium templates, to deliver a price that correlates with the ROI you’ll see.

How does our pricing change with your process and hiring rate? We only charge you for active users (more info on what that means below).

Need more info? Here are a few FAQs...

How long will I be charged for each user?

You'll only pay for users that are active. We consider an "active" user to be anyone that is scheduled to receive a message in the future. For example, a new hire is scheduled to receive a 90-day survey as their last Donut message, you would no longer be charged for that new hire after the message is sent. 

How do you know how much to charge?

We automatically detect the number of active users in Donut and charge you each month. You won't have to lift a finger (or a calculator).

How does Premium differ from Free or Standard

Premium allows you to build more customized workflows and targeted intros. So you can do things like:

  • start a buddy system
  • send 30/60/90-day check-in reminders for managers
  • build a more robust mentorship program with longterm messaging and check-ins
  • create an unlimited amount of fully customizable templates and messages 
  • add stakeholders beyond just buddy and manager (for instance, mentors, IT, recruiters, etc.)
  • send pre-boarding content to managers and other stakeholders
  • create role, department, or geo-specific onboarding paths so that, for example, an engineer in London would receive different content than a marketer in NYC

Does the cost of Donut Premium include pairings?

Premium includes basic pairing settings for free. If you'd like to start using advanced features in a pairing channel, your channel members will be included as active Donut users. 

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