Donut Pairings

Connect teammates for coffee, lunch, or remote meetings.

Basic Features: FREE
Basic Features allow you to set up unlimited pairing channels, customize your intro frequency (i.e. every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, etc.), select your next date of pairing, and more. 

Advanced Features: $49 per month for your first 10 users + $5 per active user (over 10) per month. This includes all users in a pairing channel with advanced features.

Advanced features allow you to have more control over your Pairings and their purpose with additional options. Create larger group sizes (3-8) and customize your intro message to fit your specific needs.

Donut Pairings will randomly match pairs or groups of people within your organization via Slack at regular intervals. It encourages your team members to meet up and get to know one another. Using Donut Pairings is a great (and simple) way to build trust and improve your company culture, whether your team works out of an office, is distributed remotely, or a little of both.

Donut tries to pair people who don't normally interact with each other. It does this by looking at who is in each channel and pairing people who aren't in a lot of channels together. Donut also keeps track of who it has paired in the past so as to avoid repeats. Ready to install? You can get started by clicking “add to Slack” at

Premium Onboarding

Quickly setup a customizable, structured onboarding process with unlimited templates and pre-boarding content, all delivered in Slack.

Beta Price: $49 per month for your first 10 users + $5 per active user (over 10) per month. This includes all users receiving content from Donut.

Donut Premium Onboarding includes our free pairings for your team, plus additional features that will help you streamline a structured onboarding process built on tried-and-true best practices. It allows you to get set up and running in 5 minutes or less, quickly eliminating the need to manually assign buddies, collect feedback from new hires, and more. 

To get started, log into your account at using your Slack credentials, and Donut will prompt you to start setup. Donut Premium Onboarding will automate every key step from making targeted introductions to gathering feedback right in Slack, eliminating those pesky reminders and nudges you’re used to sending. Premium includes our free pairings, plus you can also:

  • create an onboarding buddy or mentor system with automated reminders to buddies to check in with new hires 
  • setup automated polls to collect new-hire feedback during onboarding
  • send nudges to managers just before 30/60/90 days reminding them to schedule check-ins with their new hires
  • create an unlimited amount of fully customizable onboarding templates and messages, allowing you to create drip campaigns to your team
  • send messages to key stakeholders beyond just buddies and managers (for instance, team-specific mentors, IT, recruiters, etc.)
  • send important pre-boarding content to managers and other stakeholders before a new hire starts, for example:
    – reminders to your IT department to order a computer
    – reminders to People Ops to gather all new hire paperwork
    – reminders to managers to set up new hire’s desk, add them to team meetings,       and send them a welcome email
  • create role, department, or geo-specific onboarding paths so that, for example, an engineer in London would receive different content than a marketer in NYC

Premium pricing varies depending on how many active users you have month to month (you can find more info here). If you’d like to give Premium Onboarding a try, you can get started with a free 14-day trial, no credit card required at Once the free trial ends, we'll automatically turn off onboarding unless you upgrade to a paid subscription. You’ll still be able to continue using pairings for free. 


Would you like to use Donut for Onboarding for your enterprise team? Get in touch, and we'd be happy to discuss packages and pricing.

Still have questions about Donut? You can click the Intercom button in the lower right to ask us anything and a member of our team will get back to you.

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