What is the purpose of the Progress Tracker?

The Progress Tracker helps your team with onboarding in a few key ways:

  • You'll quickly be able to see which new hires are on track and who might need some attention (i.e. whether they've missed critical messages, tasks, etc.)

  • It allows your team to identify any issues

  • It enables you to get a more detailed overview of what each new hire is receiving and how close they are to completing their onboarding template(s).

Who can see the Progress Tracker and details?

Only your team's Donut for Onboarding admins will be able to view the Progress Tracker, but keep in mind that this is visible to both full and limited admins. You can learn more about giving users Onboarding admin access here.

Who counts as “Needs Attention” or “On Track?”

At the top of your Progress Tracker, you'll see two different counts, "Needs Attention" and "On Track."

These two numbers represent everyone on your team who is actively onboarding right now and their status.  New hires that are "On Track" have no items that have been flagged or failed to send. "Needs Attention" includes any new hire with:

  • Flagged or Failed items (e.g. they've missed/dismissed an item, or something failed to send for some reason)

  • A Role that has not been selected within 3 days of the role receiving a message. (e.g. a manager was not selected for a New Hire, and it's almost time to send a message to the manager letting them know to set up a new desk)

Note: It’s possible for users to appear in the “On Track” section and have empty roles, but we don’t bring them to attention until it’s almost time for a message to go to that empty role.

Progress Status Definitions

Next to each employee's name, you'll see a bar that represents their onboarding template and the progress they've made so far. If a new hire is receiving multiple templates, they'll have a progress bar for each template.

 The progress bar is color coded to represent a few different statuses of items: 

  • Done: Tasks and Intros that are complete, Polls that have been responded to already, and Messages that were successfully sent. 

  • Open: Polls, Tasks, and Intros that have been sent (not completed) where either the user has not yet received a reminder, or was reminded less than 3 days ago.

  • Flagged: Polls, Tasks, and Intros where the user received a reminder more than 3 business days ago, or the user dismissed the item.

  • Failed: Messages that Donut was unable to send because of an issue (such as New Hire was added after the scheduled message, or a role that was missing)

  • Resolved: Flagged or Failed messages that an admin reviewed and cleared to mark the new hire as "On Track"

  • Scheduled: Messages that are scheduled, but haven't been sent yet. 

How does Donut determine the status of different message types? 

Different message types may require different actions in order for them to be marked as "Done" and allow New Hires to show up as "On Track"

  • Messages that were able to send without any issues are marked as "Done."

  • Polls and Tasks must be completed for them to be marked as "Done."

  • Intros must be marked as "Met" by one of the participants in Slack for them to be marked as "Done" on the dashboard. 

View Details for an Individual New Hire

Want to see more information about your New Hire's progress? Visit the details page for a New Hire by selecting the arrow to the right of their progress bar (or by clicking on the New Hire).

On the details page, you'll be able to see which items are done and learn more about any messages, tasks, or polls, that were Flagged or Failed. 

When a message fails, you'll see an option beside it on the Details Page to "Retry." Click the link to go to that New Hire's session calendar where you can try to send the message again.

Resolving Flagged and Failed Items

Any time you have New Hires showing up under "Needs Attention," an admin on your team can review the items and decide to resolve and mark them as "On Track". Why might you choose to resolve?

  • You know the item(s) will not be completed but it doesn’t matter, e.g. a failed message that is very old and no longer relevant

  • The item won’t affect reporting, i.e. a New Hire dismissed a poll, but marking it as "resolved" will not change the fact that it is recorded as ‘Dismissed’ response on your Reporting page.

To resolve items that have been marked as Flagged and Failed, you can either click the check mark next to the New Hire's progress bar on the Progress Tracker:

You can also hit the button that says, "Resolve Flagged and Failed" on that individual New Hire's detail page:

When you mark a New Hire as "Resolved" it will resolve all currently Flagged or Failed items for that person, so be sure to review all items in the detail page before resolving. 

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