Whether you're spread across multiple offices, have some remote team members, or are fully distributed, the fact remains: it's harder to meet people when you're not just bumping into each other on the way out to lunch or back from the printer. Enter virtual coffee meetups, the 21st century equivalent of the watercooler. 

⚡️74% of teams using Donut introduce colleagues across offices or time zones.

💡Looking for some inspiration? InVision and Culture Amp both share how they use Donut to keep coworkers connected across distances.

Create a Pairing Channel

Getting started is as easy as setting up a Slack channel and inviting Donut to join. You can find complete setup instructions here.

Make Your Program Remote-Friendly

There's no singular right way to run your remote coffee program, but we do have a few tips to help make it a success:

  1. Start with a frequency of once a month or once every three weeks — that'll give people plenty of time to meet, even if they have to coordinate across time zones. 

  2. Add an automatic welcome message for new hires. The first time they log into Slack, Donut will reach out to say hi and invite them to join your pairing channel. You'll have new hires feeling at home from Day 1, and will keep Donut intros interesting for longtime participants. 

  3. Making scheduling easy by creating multiple channels for different time zones areas (ex: #donuts-north-america), or using our Google Calendar integration which respects set work hours across time zones.

  4. Make your introductions valuable by adding conversation starters to your intro message — they're a fun way to get colleagues talking and to break the ice. You can also customize your intro message to include instructions on how to connect, like setting up a Zoom for instance.

  5. Check your Reports regularly for valuable stats and feedback that will help you make adjustments along the way,

  6. Consider offering colleagues a budget or the ability to expense a coffee or Donut. It's not uncommon for teammates to each take a Donut call from their respective coffee shops — and even to cheers via Zoom!

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