Whether your team is working remotely, hybrid, or together in an office, getting to know co-workers a bit more on a personal level can always help you build strong connections and work together more effectively.

🌟 Favorite Things is one way for you and your teammates to learn more about each other before you meet up for your Donut Intros. It's a simple survey of your interests and hobbies that your teammates can review before meeting to learn more about you. Donut will share a snippet from your Favorite Things each time you are matched with teammates. Plus, your answers may also make a surprise appearance in Watercooler topics!

To get started:

1. Locate Donut's Home tab in Slack

2. Locate 🌟 My Favorite Things on the dashboard:

3. Now you can fill out questions in each of the categories! 🎉

4. Click "save" and you're all set.

5. As Donut sends out Intros it'll randomly pick one of the questions answered to share. These can be used as ice-breakers when you meet!

🌟 Favorite Things also sends an awesome prompt when you join channels in your workspace to remind you to fill out the questions!

*Please Note: Donut will share real answers entered in 🌟 Favorite Things for Intros and in Watercooler topics.*

🍩 Need more help? Just click the purple chat button or email support@donut.ai and we’ll help you out!

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