Adding Donut to your Slack workspace

To install Donut, click the "Add to Slack" button below. You may then be prompted to sign in to your Slack account, or if you're already signed into multiple Slack workspaces, you will be prompted to choose a workspace.. Donut requests only permissions it needs in order to make the app function (read more on data access and privacy).

Depending on your team's settings, you may not be able to install bots if you're not an admin. If this is the case, you will need to have an admin add Donut or grant you admin permissions.

Create a Slack channel for Donut

We recommend creating a new, dedicated Slack channel for Donut intros. To do this, go to the top of your channel list in Slack and click the (+) sign to the right of the "Channels" heading. Make sure to give it a nice descriptive name (we've seen names range from #coffee-buddies or #donut-friends-forever to #donut-be-strangers).

💡 You can find more information on creating Slack channels here.

You may also add Donut to an existing channel if you prefer! After following the steps below* to log into the dashboard and clicking Get Started, select "Use an existing channel":

Setting up your Donut channels*

Once the Donut app has been installed on your Slack workspace and you've created the channel in your Slack workspace, it's time to set up your Donut channel. This will need to be done for the first time from the dashboard.
Reminder: You will use your Slack credentials to sign in to the dashboard.

Upon your first login, Donut will walk you through the basics in the dashboard — like selecting your dedicated channel & managing other settings like scheduling and engagement. Don't worry, you can always go view or change the settings for your team later at

You will find an array of ready-made channel templates from the Templates tab for both Intro and Watercooler channels. To learn more about our templates and how to implement them, please see this guide: Ready-made Intros + Watercooler Templates.

If you'd like to create your channel from scratch, please choose one of the first two blocks: Start and Intros Channel or Spark Watercooler Conversations.

Configure your channel settings

Wondering what settings you can control for your Donut channels?

Intros Channels:

You can edit what day(s) of the week Intros happen, how often, the time zone of your Intro channel, whether Donut shares weekly stats in the channel, and you can also toggle on options like a message to welcome new joiners, a remote intro message, and our Zoom or Google Calendar integrations.
More information on managing Intro channel settings can be found here.

Watercooler Channels:

You have the option to adjust the frequency and timing of when topics are sent. With our paid plans, you can also have access to hundreds of topics curated by the Donut team and our partners; If you are on the Free plan, you will be limited to 12 topics in total. Please see this guide to learn more about configuring Watercooler channels.

Announce Donut to your team!

Your team participates in Donut intros by joining the channel you created, so now you need to invite others to participate and let them know what channel to join if they're interested! You can announce Donut to your team via email and/or Slack (most teams post the announcement in the #general channel).

Need some examples? Here are some ways we've seen teams announce Donut.

If you'd like to invite your teammates to the channel, you can type "/invite @username" in the channel and replace "username" with their Slack handle. If you need to invite teammates in bulk, Slack Support has an awesome article to walk you through this on iOS, Android, and the Desktop version: Adding people to a channel.

Launching Donut successfully! 🚀

We highly recommend checking out our article on best practices for launching Donut for more info on implementing and using Donut to the best of its ability!

If you have any questions about the set-up process, please feel free to reach out to our Support team by clicking the chat icon in the lower right corner or contacting us at

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