Add Donut to your Slack team

To install Donut, go to and click the “Add to Slack” button. You may then be prompted to sign in to your Slack account, or if you're already signed into multiple Slack teams then you will be prompted to choose a team.

Depending on your team's settings you may not be able to install bots if you're not an admin for your team. If this is the case then you will need have an admin to add Donut, or grant you admin permissions.

Create a Slack channel for Donut

We recommend creating a new, dedicated Slack channel to use for Donut pairings. To do this, go to the top of your channel list in Slack and click the (+) sign to the right of the "Channels" heading. Make sure to give it a nice descriptive name (we've seen names range from #coffee-buddies or #donut-friends-forever to #donut-be-strangers).

Invite Donut to the channel and configure settings

Once Donut has been added to your Slack team and you've created the Slack channel, the next step is to invite Donut to the channel. To do this, go to the channel and type "/invite @donut". Donut will then DM you to finish the set up — this is where you'll set the frequency of pairings for your team. Don't worry — you can always go view or change the settings for your team later on

Announce Donut to your team!

Your team participates in Donut pairings by joining the channel you created, so now you just need to invite others to participate and let them know what channel to join if they're interested! You can announce Donut to your team via email and/or within Slack (most teams post it in the #general channel). Donut will send you a handy prompt that you can use by just copying and pasting it right into Slack (e.g. into #general). We'll also send you some email announcement examples that you can use as well.

Now go check out our best practices article for more info on how to Donut.

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