Create a new, dedicated Slack channel for Donut pairings

It might be tempting to use an existing channel, but we recommend creating a new channel to use with Donut. This allows people to opt in if they want to participate by joining the channel. It also allows people to opt out by leaving the channel, which is useful if they're going on vacation or need to pause pairings for a period of time. They can then join the channel again when they're ready to start back up!

Announce Donut to your team

You can announce the Donut channel to your team via email or in the Slack #general channel. We'll even provide you examples of both to make it easier! 

Choose frequency wisely — we recommend starting with bi-weekly

Make sure you set Donut pairings to a frequency that everyone can handle. It's often best to start doing pairings every other week, and then adjust if need be. You can always poll the channel members after a couple of rounds to get feedback on the frequency that works best for most people. 

Leave the channel if you'll be away

Make sure to leave the channel if you’re going to be out of the office, away on vacation, or want to pause pairings for any other reason, so that you don't get matched. And remind others to do the same as well!

Invite others to join, especially new team members

Make sure to regularly invite others to participate if they want, in case anyone missed the initial announcement. And don't forget to add or invite any new employees to the channel when they join the company — it's a great way for them to get to know more of their new coworkers!

Create multiple Donut channels

If Donut is working well for your company or team, consider making additional Donut channels. Some companies make location-specific channels, like #ny-coffee and #sf-coffee, while others choose to do pairings based on department (e.g. #sales-buddies). These can be in addition to a global Donut channel (e.g. #global-connect or #virtual-coffee) to connect people across the company from all offices. Some teams even use Donut for other culture-specific activities, like #ping-pong-roulette, where pairs are matched weekly for a ping pong game. 

Encourage pairs to post selfies and have fun! 

Posting a selfie with your Donut buddy into the channel (or a fun fact you learned about them) is a good way to share the camaraderie — you can even do a virtual selfie if it's a remote meeting via hangout! Either way, Donut works best when pairs connect with each other and have fun! 

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