Recurring Templates are similar to Onboarding Templates — they both allow you to set up a Template of Messages with predefined content and timing. The difference with Recurring Templates is they repeat. Instead of happening once the template will repeat itself on a schedule that you set.

Recurring Templates are useful for setting reminders. For example you might want to remind yourself every other week that you need to add New Hires to Donut. 

Message Timing

When you add Messages to a Recurring Template you place them on a weekly Monday-to-Friday calendar.

Then when you add a person to the Recurring Template you pick which week will be their first week, and how often the Template should repeat after that.

Share the Love

You can add as many users as you'd like on a Recurring Template. Set one up for your whole team, or alternate who's responsible by staggering dates and using a lower frequency.

What about Roles?

You don't need to worry about Roles with Recurring Templates. Unlike Onboarding Templates, when you add someone to a Recurring Template you don't assign them a Role — they will simply receive all the Messages for the Template.

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