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How to: Set Up New Hire or Participant Lunches
How to: Set Up New Hire or Participant Lunches

Help New Hires or Participants connect with their coworkers over lunch.

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Helping teams build strong relationships has always been a goal of ours at Donut, so we wanted to make it super easy for companies to facilitate connections for New Hires, Participants, their colleagues and everyone in between.

How Donut Can Help

Donut can automatically introduce your New Hires or Participants to a different lunch buddy over a set of days and/or weeks. This could be helpful in many cases-- such as, ensuring New Hires connect with colleagues when they first join the company, or that Participants enrolled in a "Manager Training" Journey connect with other Managers throughout their training.

Scheduling lunch buddies is completely at your discretion. Some companies choose that their New Hire or Participant meet with a lunch buddy several times a week, while others prefer once a week or bi-weekly.

Want to add Lunch Buddies to your Donut Journey? Here's how!

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How to Set Up Lunch Buddies

STEP 1: Create Slack channel

Create a new Slack channel (like #lunch-buddy-volunteers) and invite existing employees to join the channel if they want to volunteer. Alternatively, if this is being created for a "Manager Training" Journey or "Peer Mentorship" Journey, for example, you can create a channel and only invite the folks you're looking to meet with your New Hire/ Participant.

  • Employees can opt out at any time by simply leaving the channel

STEP 2: Add and schedule lunch Introsย 

  1. Visit your Donut Dashboard and login using your Slack credentials

  2. On the left-hand side, click "Donut Journeys"

  3. Then, select "All Journeys"

  4. When you locate the Journey you'd like to add lunch Intros to, for example "Manager Training 2023," and click into it

  5. On the calendar page, click "Add message" on the day you'd like the New Hire or Participant to receive their first lunch buddy Intro.

  6. You should see a pop-up for the type of message you'd like to create-- in this case, select any of the options under "Slack Intros"

    1. Most companies create a Slack channel (like #lunch-buddy-volunteers) for existing employees to join if they want to volunteer to get lunch with a New Hire and/or Participant. Donut then introduces each New Hire/ Participant to someone random from that channel. To achieve this, select the message type as "Intro to a random person from a channel."

7. On the "New Message" page, you can edit the following:

  • Who is it for: You can select who will receive that message (ie. the New Hire or Participant) as well as any additional Journeys you'd like to enroll them in

  • When's it for: You can choose the date and time to send the Intro

  • What is it: You can edit the message that Donut will send when introducing folks within Slack. For example, "I've matched you two for lunch this week!"

    • Introduce someone to: ensure this remains as "random user from channel" and then select the channel from the dropdown menu

  • Click "Create Message."

STEP 3: Repeat as needed!

Repeat Step 2 to add more lunch buddy Intros to your Donut Journeys.


You're all set โ€” any New Hires or Participants with the Journey you selected will get connected with lunch buddies on the schedule you set.

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