Take advantage of your free trial by onboarding real live new hires, or testing your onboarding content on yourself or colleagues.

Adding new hires to the dashboard is easy:

  • Select "Onboard New Hires +" at the top of the page. You'll have the option to add one new hire at a time, or add multiple by pasting in email addresses from a spreadsheet or CSV (rows will automatically expand to fit).
  • Enter the new hire's email address (even if it hasn't been created yet), and we'll automatically detect them when they sign into Slack for the first time. Assign a template (it will be "{{Company Name}} 101").

If buddies or managers are involved in your onboarding process, those fields will auto-fill for you. Most teams pick these roles right in Slack—Donut sends a direct message to a designated point person asking who the manager or buddy should be.

If you'd like to override the default settings (uncommon), you can select a buddy or manager right in the dashboard. Just start typing their email address or Slack username, and you'll be able to choose the right person from the drop-down menu.

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