Signing In

To access the new hire dashboard, go to our website and hit "sign in" in the upper right hand corner. Use your Slack credentials to sign in.

Logging in will bring you straight to your dashboard where you'll be able to view and add new hires, retry missed messages, change your coffee pairings settings (if you're using coffee pairings), and control who else on your team can access the dashboard.

Uploading a New Hire

To add a new hire, select "Onboard New Hires +" at the top of the page. You'll have the option to add one new hire at a time, or add multiple by pasting in email addresses from a spreadsheet or CSV (rows will automatically expand to fit).

Enter the new hire's email address (even if it hasn't been created yet), and we'll automatically detect them when they sign into Slack for the first time. Assign a template (it will be "{{Company Name}} 101").

If buddies or managers are involved in your onboarding process, those fields will auto-fill for you. Most teams pick these roles right in Slack—Donut sends a direct message to a designated point person asking who the manager or buddy should be.

If you'd like to override the default settings (uncommon), you can select a buddy or manager right in the dashboard. Just start typing their email address or Slack username, and you'll be able to choose the right person from the drop-down menu.

Editing or Delete a New Hire

Hover over the new hire you'd like to edit or delete, and a pencil and trash can will appear.


Select the pencil icon to edit a new hire. You'll be able to change their email address, their time zone, and their stakeholders (buddy or manager). You will not be able to change their start date.


If you'd like to stop a new hire from receiving content altogether or you'd like to change their start date, just hit the trash can. You'll remove the new hire from the system (and will be able to re-add them if you'd like to change the start date).

Identifying + Resending Missed Messages

Sometimes Donut won't be able to send onboarding content to recipients because new hires haven't signed into Slack, or buddies or managers have not yet been assigned. 

Donut does not automatically resend missed messages in case the content is out of date, but Donut will send you a direct message letting you know there's been an error so that you can manually resend the content if you'd like.

To ensure that new hires, buddies, and managers receive their missed content, just log into your dashboard and look for the red exclamation point that indicates one or more missed messages.

Select the new hire class with a red exclamation point, and you'll get a detailed view of which new hire(s) specifically missed content.

Find the failed message(s) marked with red exclamation points, and hit "retry" to resend.


Donut collects information from new hires, buddies, and managers depending on what content you've decided to include in your onboarding process. These data points are separated into three categories: polls (feedback from new hires on how they're doing), intros (introductions to buddies), and tasks (reminders to managers about 30/60/90-day check-ins).

To access data on a new hire or class, find the class you'd like to review on the "New Hires" page, and select the bar graph.

You'll be able to view aggregate responses for the entire class across three tabs. Hover over a bar graph to see who gave what response.

Select the bar graph for a more detailed view of who responded and what they said.

Give a Teammate Access

Want to invite a teammate to view data or add new hires? Find the settings page under onboarding in the left nav (not the one with the wrench!). You'll be able to add or delete admins, and also select who receives error notifications if messages are missed.

Need Help?

We're here for you! Just look for the purple speech bubble in the lower right-hand corner of the page. We'll respond as soon as possible to any inquiries.

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