How To: Use Auto-Enroll

We can automatically detect new hires joining your Slack workspace and start sending them content. Here's how it works.

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What is auto-enroll?

Auto-enroll is a feature that allows us to automatically detect when new users join your Slack workspace and start sending them onboarding content.

You won't have to log into the dashboard to upload new hires or trigger any content manually, which makes this an easy and seamless solution.

If you've connected your HRIS provider to Donut, click here to learn more about how you can use Auto-Enroll to seamlessly assign the right templates to your new hires.

How to set it up:

If you are creating a new Journey from a Prebuilt Journey:

  1. Select the Prebuilt Journey you would like to use and click Next

2. In the window that appears, click into the checkbox labeled Auto-enroll upcoming Participants

If you want to turn on Auto-enroll for an existing Journey:

  1. Select All Journeys from the left sidebar menu. Then, click the Auto-enroll tab:

  2. Click into the "Auto-enroll default Journeys to all new Slack users" option to view and edit the default template(s) for imported new hires.

How to sync Donut with your HRIS to auto-assign templates to imported new hires

  1. On the Auto-Enroll tab, click the Connect HRIS button.

    To learn more about managing your HRIS integration click here.

  2. After connecting your HRIS, scroll down to the "Using HRIS fields" section to map specific templates to new hires based on detected HRIS fields. If no field matches, new hires enroll in the default template.

The available fields are dependent on what data your HRIS is sending to Donut. They can be based on location, team, role and more


Do you send to single- or multi-channel guests?

We do not send onboarding content to single- or multi-channel guests by default, even if you use auto-enroll. Only full Slack users receive auto-enroll content.

If you'd like to send onboarding content to guests, contact us using the Intercom button and we'd be happy to help.

How can I be sure contractors or interns won't receive this onboarding content?

If you'd like to use the auto-enroll function, we recommend making contractors or interns single- or multi-channel guests on your Slack workspace.

If that's not preferable or possible, you're welcome to opt out of auto-enroll and manually add new hires to the dashboard. We'll only send content to the users you specify if you opt out of auto-enroll.

​Have more questions? You can also contact us through the Donut button in the lower right-hand corner of this page, and we'll be right there!

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