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Streamline communication and connections for each cohort by setting up customized Slack channels that generate automatically.

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What are Cohort Channels?

A Cohort channel in Slack allows participants with the same start date to collaborate, ask questions, and bond as a group. By automatically creating channels per cohort, you can enable:

  • A space for cohort-specific discussions

  • Targeted announcements and resources

  • Fun icebreakers and team bonding

Tailored channels encourage camaraderie and ensure everyone feels supported from day one.

Setting up Cohort Channels

With Donut, creating automated cohort channels is simple:

1. Find Your Journey

In your Donut dashboard, go to Donut Journeys in the left sidebar menu and select All Journeys. This is where you'll set the channel rules.

2. Add a "Create Cohort Channel" Message

Click Add Message, then select the "Create cohort channel" option.

3. Define What, When, and Who

Name the channel, choose timing rules for channel creation, and specify which roles/individuals get added. Check out the GIF under step 4 for a quick demo of managing these settings.

💡 yy-mm-dd will be dynamically added to your channel name based on your cohort’s start date. For example: intern-cohort-23-11-27

4. Customize Welcome Messages

Set an initial post to welcome the cohort and share guidelines.

For instructions on how to send additional messages to your cohort channel in the future, click here.

Questions? Click the Donut icon in the lower right corner to reach out to support. 🍩

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