Message Type: Schedule a Message to a Cohort Channel

Learn how to automate and schedule a message to reach members in a Cohort Channel.

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If you want to automate and schedule a message to reach a group of individuals within your employee program, Donut's "Message to Cohort Channel" feature is just what you need. This message type enables you to craft and schedule a message to be sent to a specific cohort channel, ensuring that your communications are timely and relevant to your program participants.

Understanding Cohort Channels and Journeys

Before you can schedule a message to a cohort channel, it’s essential to grasp the concept of cohort channels within Donut Journeys. A cohort channel is designed for a group of individuals who share a common anchor date, such as participants in an internship program or new hires. These channels streamline communication and engagement among program participants.

A Journey in Donut represents the program or template that contains different message types to automate an employee program. Within a Journey, you can create and manage various message types, including messages to cohort channels.

Scheduling a Message to a Cohort Channel

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to schedule a message to a cohort channel:

  1. Access Your Journey: Begin by navigating to All Journeys in the left sidebar menu.

  2. Select Your Journey: Choose the specific Journey where you want to add a message to a cohort channel.

  3. Add Message: Within the selected Journey, locate the date you wish to schedule the message for and click on "Add Message."

  4. Choose Message Type: Select "Message to Cohort Channel" as the message type.

  5. Specify Recipient: Under "Who's it for?" search for and select the appropriate cohort channel where you want the message to be posted. Then, click Next.
    If there is no Cohort Channel as part of this Journey, you'll be prompted to create one first.

  6. Set Timing: Indicate the time of day you want the message to be sent to the cohort channel under "When is it for?"

  7. Craft Your Message: Write the message you want to post in the cohort channel within the provided text box. You can include any necessary information, links, or formatting using Slack formatting options.

  8. Save Your Message: Once you've finalized your message, hit "Done" then "Create" to save and schedule it for delivery.

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