Message Type: Add to Channel (preselected)

Learn how to add one or more roles to multiple channels within your Slack workspace.

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This message type offers a convenient solution for admins and managers to streamline the process of adding specific roles to multiple channels simultaneously. Whether you need to onboard new team members, grant access to project-specific channels, or facilitate cross-functional collaboration, this feature simplifies the channel management process.

Adding Roles to Channels

Here’s how to utilize the Add to Channel (preselected) message type:

  1. Find your Journey and click Add Message.

  2. Specify Recipients: Begin by specifying the roles that you want to add to the channels. You can select roles from the list of predefined team roles within your organization.

  3. Select Channels: Next, choose the channels to which you want to add the selected roles. You can add roles to both public and private channels, ensuring that team members have access to the relevant communication spaces.

    • Specific Channels: Search for and select the channels where you want to add the selected roles. Private channels are visible only if Donut is a member of them, ensuring privacy and security.

  4. Set Timing: Specify when the selected roles should be added to the channels. You can choose a specific timing, such as 8 work days before the start of a project or event, and set the time of day for the action to occur.

  5. Click Confirm to save your selections.

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