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Automatically invite new teammates to join your Donut channel
Automatically invite new teammates to join your Donut channel

Use Donut's welcome feature to welcome all new users of your Slack workspace and invite them to your Donut channel(s).

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When new people join your Slack workspace, Donut can automatically send them a welcome message and invite them to your Donut Intro channel(s). The welcome message helps explain what Donut is to new joiners so they can jump in and start getting introduced to other teammates while eliminating the need to manually invite each individual to participate.

๐Ÿ’ก At this time, automatically inviting new teammates is not a feature compatible with private channels.

How to Turn the Welcome Feature On

  1. Login to your Dashboard

  2. Click the settings gear icon for your Intros channel

  3. Go to the "Engagement" tab

  4. Scroll down to the Participation section, and look for the toggle that says
    "Welcome New Joiners" to turn it on
    โ€‹Note: You'll see a sample of the welcome message for reference

When you toggle on the welcome feature, you'll receive a modal warning you that the message from Donut will be sent to every new person who joins your Slack workspace. To confirm, click "Let's do it!"

What if my team has multiple Donut channels?

You can still use the welcome message if your team has multiple Slack channels, just be aware that each new channel you add to the message will be shared with all new people who join your Slack workspace. There is not currently a way to filter or segment who sees which channel options, so all channels you turn this on for will be displayed in a list to new joiners.ย 

Once one channel has turned this feature on, other channels that have not yet enabled the feature will see a preview of the message and will have the option to add their channel to the list by switching the toggle on:

If you toggle the feature on for multiple channels, the new channels are simply added in a list to the original message. You'll see a preview of this list on the right. All channels are listed at the bottom of the message:

Can I adjust what the welcome message says?

Yes! Just look for the button that says "customize" in the dashboard next to the Welcome message and adjust the text however you'd like.

What if we want to turn this feature off for our Slack workspace?

You can toggle the feature off anytime for each individual channel (which will remove your channel from the list). If you'd like to turn it off entirely and stop welcoming new joiners, you'll need to have each channel toggle this feature off.ย 

Does Donut invite new guest accounts too?

At this time, Donut will only invite full members of your workspace. Guest users in your workspace will not be automatically invited, although you can choose to invite them into the channel manually.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to open up a chat with us by clicking the purple intercom button in the bottom right corner of your screen and we'll get back to you!

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