Once Donut has been added to your Slack team, you can begin inviting Donut to the channel(s) you'd like to use it in.

In this article, we'll cover how to add Donut to a private channel. With a private Slack channel, users must be invited in order to join and the channel will include a lock icon next to its name. These channels are for discussions that are not open to your entire team. 

(For info on using Donut with public channels, read our tips on Setting up Donut here)

Invite Donut to a private channel and configure settings

Go to the channel you'd like to add Donut to and type "/invite @donut". Donut will then DM you to finish the set up – this is where you'll set the frequency of intros for your team. Don't worry, you can always view or change the settings later in your dashboard at donut.ai.

Important notes about private channels

1. Because private channels are only visible to members, you cannot initiate setup of a private channel from the dashboard. It must be done through the Slack channel. 

2. Only people in the private channel can see and edit intro settings in the dashboard after Donut has been added to the channel. 

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