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Adding Donut to private channels

How to set up and edit Donut intros in a private Slack channel

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Once Donut has been added to your Slack workspace, you can begin inviting Donut to the channel(s) you'd like to use it in.

Donut can be added from within Slack or from the dashboard; this article will cover both methods. With a private Slack channel, teammates must be invited to join. You'll know it's a private channel because Slack will include a lock icon next to the channel name. These channels are for discussions that are not open to your entire team. 

You can set up Donut Intros, Watercooler, and/or Celebrations in private channels.

(For info on using Donut with public channels, read our tips on Setting up Donut here)

Invite Donut to a private channel using the "/invite" command

Go to the private channel in Slack and type "/invite @donut." Hit enter. Donut will DM you to finish setting up the channel. To get started, select either Intros, Watercooler, or Celebration. You can have all three running in the same channel, but you'll have to choose one from the menu to get started.

Don't worry; you can always view or change the settings later in your dashboard at

Adding Donut to a private channel from within the Dashboard

  1. Log in at with your Slack credentials

  2. Click the purple Get Started icon within the boxes for either Intros, Watercooler, or Celebrations.

  3. Look for the link that says, "Set up Donut in a private Slack channel."

5. Click the link to open a modal where you can search for the private channel

6. Be sure to hit "Save" once you've finished setting up your channel.

Important notes about private channels

  • Only people in the private channel can see and edit intro settings in the dashboard after Donut has been added to the channel. You can restrict this further so that only yourself or approved editors can access settings.

  • A channel is private if there is a little lock icon in the upper left-hand corner.

Please note: Only Channel owners and members can see this card if it is private.

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