What channel(s) can Donut be used in?

Donut can be used in both public and private Slack channels – we recommend a new, dedicated channel for intros!

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Donut uses a Slack channel as the participant list for intros. It can be used in any Slack channel, but we recommend creating a new, separate channel that’s dedicated to Donut intros.

Why do you recommend using a new, dedicated channel for Donut?

Donut works best if people can opt in by joining the channel — that way they know what they’re getting into. This also allows people to easily opt out if they need to by simply leaving the channel, and then joining again when they’re ready for more Donut! This is useful when people go on vacation, for instance.

To create a new channel, go to the top of your channel list in Slack and click the (+) sign to the right of the “Channels” heading. 

What should I name our Donut channel?

We recommend using a nice descriptive name, so others understand what the channel is for. Other than that, feel free to get creative! We’ve seen names range from #coffee-buddies or #donut-friends-forever to #donut-be-strangers. Click here for more suggestions!

If you’re planning to add multiple Donut channels (e.g. for different offices or use cases), you might want to standardize channel names accordingly. For example, some companies make location-specific channels, like #ny-coffee-buddies and #sf-coffee-buddies, while others choose to do intros based on department, like #sales-buddies).

Can I use Donut in a private channel or group?

Yes, Donut can be used in private channels! Just invite Donut to join the channel and we’ll walk you through the set up. Note that private channel Intro settings are only visible to members of that channel. You can read more about using Donut in private channels here

If you’ve already added Donut to a private channel, you can still add it to a public channel too. Just follow the instructions on Setting up Donut.

How do I switch Donut from one channel to another?

Head over to donut.ai to switch the channel for Donut. First sign in if you're not already, and then click on “Edit” to the right of the channel that you want to switch. Select a new channel from the dropdown and hit “Update.” Make sure to let your team know if you’re switching the channel!

Can I use Donut to pair people in more than one channel?

Yes! You can set up Donut in more channels by visiting donut.ai. First sign in if you’re not already. Click “Add Donut channel” and then choose the channel, frequency, first intro date, and time zone, and then hit “Create.” You can always come back to donut.ai to view or change your Donut channels and settings.

Check out Best Practices and Use Cases to see how other teams are using Donut!

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