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How To Use Shortcuts with Donut

Browse Donut channels, view your intros, and more right in Slack.

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Shortcuts are built-in actions from Donut that make it easy to update intro status and browse a list of Donut channels right in Slack. 

Please click the + plus sign icon next to the message field to access the shortcuts.

Then select Browse all shortcuts > Donut:

In the shortcuts, you'll find options to:

  • Join a Donut channel

  • Snooze my Donut intros

  • Start a Donut channel

  • View my Donut intros 

When you select the Join a Donut channel option, you'll be shown a popup including a list of all the Donut channels in your workspace that you're not currently in. You can click "Go to channel" for the channel you wish to join and click the green Join channel button at the bottom:

The Snooze my Donut intros shortcut will show you a list of your Intros channels and give you the options to snooze all of your channels or snooze your channels individually.

Clicking the Start a Donut channel shortcut will allow you to specify whether you want to start an Intros or Watercooler channel. You will have a text box where you can name the channel. If you prefer, it will also have a button to set up Donut in an existing channel.

Clicking Customize Settings will bring you to the dashboard, where you can adjust all of the settings manually or apply a template.

The View my Donut intros shortcut will show you the status of your five most recent Donut intros and allow you to edit the statuses:

Questions? Feedback? Please email us at or hit the purple Intercom button in the bottom right corner of the screen, and we'll get back to you soon!

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