Donut's Home Tab is your one-stop-shop within Slack for all things Donut. Read on to learn how you can find it and what to do once you're there!

Finding Donut's Home Tab

To start, open Slack and find Donut under the "Apps" section in the left navigation bar. You can also find it by searching Donut in your Slack search bar. Once you click on Donut, be sure to navigate to the "Home" tab.

Manage your Donut experience right from Slack using Donut's Home Tab

Once you make it to Donut's Home Tab using the instructions above, you can...

Start a new Donut Channel

You can easily get started with a new Donut Channel for your Slack workspace by hitting the 🚀 Start a Donut Channel button. This will take you to Donut's dashboard, where you can browse our available Connections Programs and set up a new program for your team.

View your current and past Donut Intros

Looking for a quick way to find your most recent Donut Intros, or make sure you've told Donut that you met last round? Click ✨ View your Donut intros to see your five most recent Intros, links to the conversations in Slack, and to tell Donut that you met.

View and send compliments

Click 💌 View all compliments to make your Donut match's day by sending them a compliment, or give yourself a pick-me-up by reading compliments they've sent to you!

Update your "Don't Pair Me With" list

If you'd like to prevent being matched with someone you work closely with and know well (like a manager or direct report), you can add them to your "Don't Pair Me With" list by clicking 🚫 Don't pair me with... Keep in mind that this is only for 1:1 matches - you may be matched with someone on this list as part of a group of 3 or more, depending on your team's Intro settings.

Set your working hours

Maintain calendar harmony and work-life balance by setting your working hours. If you use the Google Calendar integration, click 🕘 Set my working hours and Donut will suggest meeting times within the hours you choose, in your Slack account's time zone.

Add and edit your Favorite Things

Share a little about yourself with your teammates, from your favorite foods and movies to hobbies and activities you enjoy with Donut's Favorite Things. Just click the button that says ⭐ My Favorite Things and answer a few quick questions about yourself. Your answers may even show up in future Watercooler topics!

Manage your Celebrations Preferences

Clicking the 🎉 Celebrations Preferences button will allow you to add or edit your birthdate or work start date and control which channels you are celebrated in. Admins can also manage Celebrations at a higher level in the dashboard.

View and manage your Donut channels

If you're looking for a quick overview of each Donut channel you're in, or you want to snooze intros for one or all of them, Donut's Home Tab is the place to be!

Visit your Donut Dashboard and learn more

To get the full scoop on your personal Donut history and stats or manage any Donut channels you own, visit the Donut Dashboard using these easy quick links.

You can also peek at a quick FAQ right from Slack - if you don't find what you need there, try the Donut Help Center - which is where you are right now! 😉

Need help? Just click the Intercom button in the bottom right corner of the screen and we'll get back to you soon. Or you can send us an email at

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