Donut allows you to run sophisticated intros with more targeted options, rather than just making random intros. You can use Donut's advanced "Pair across groups" function to launch cross-team introductions, mentorship programs, and more!

Read on to learn more about how it works and find answers to FAQs below.

How It Works:

In the Donut Dashboard, click “Pairing” in the left nav. Select a pairing channel (or create a new one). In advanced settings, you’ll now be able to choose your pairing type. Options will include “Pairing with Anyone” (our regular randomized pairings as they are today), and “Pair Across Groups.”

To Pair Across Groups, simply choose what category you’d like to pair and define your groups. Some common category examples include department, mentors & mentees, or office location. Once you define your groups, every new user who joins the pairing channel will be prompted to select a group via buttons right in Slack, and Donut will pair them with users who select a different group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the pairing group size with the Pair Across Groups option?

No. With this setting, the size of your pairing groups are determined based on the number of people in each category. For example, if you have an equal number of people that select sales and engineering, Donut would make 1:1 pairs. But if you had twice as many sales people as engineers, Donut would make trios with 2 sales teammates and 1 engineer.

Can I assign groups for my slack team members?

No. Each member will be sent a DM on Slack asking them to choose a group when the cross-group pairing is activated. Admins do not have the ability to select groups for Slack members on their behalf.

What happens if someone does not join a group?

If teammates do not select a group, they will not be paired and will be left out of future intros until they select a group. Because Donut matches people based on their group choice, it cannot include them if they do not select a group.

Can we change the group names after creating them?

Yes. At any time you can head to your pairing channel settings and in the Advanced tab you can change the name of groups or add additional ones.

When you make changes to the groups, any new member that joins your pairing channel will be presented with the new group options. Existing group members will remain part of the same group, even if the group name has been changed.

How do I reset the groups and have everyone re-select?

Should you wish to have everyone re-select their groups, the best option is to hit the trash can icon on the group names and start over with fresh groups. This will trigger the DM to be sent to all channel members again so that they can select the appropriate group.

Want to get started now? Log in to the dashboard and set up categories before your next pairing round to try it out.

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