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How To: Introduce People Across Different Groups with Donut
How To: Introduce People Across Different Groups with Donut
Learn how to use Donut's "Cross-group" feature to introduce people from different groups, departments, or office locations
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Donut allows you to run sophisticated intros with more targeted options, rather than just making random intros. You can use Donut's "Cross-group" function to launch things like Mentorship Programs, Leadership Roundtables and more! Donut will ensure that folks from the same groups are not matched together, ensuring your programs run smoothly.

Read on to learn more about how it works and find answers to FAQs below.

How It Works:

  1. Login at with your Slack credentials

  2. Click "All Channels" in the left sidebar menu

  3. Click "Donut Channels in your workspace" at the top

  4. Locate your channel, and hit the settings gear icon

  5. Under "Program Basics" select the type of Intro you'd like to use.

To introduce members across groups, simply choose Cross group as your Intro Type and then set a category and define your groups.

Some common category examples include department, mentors & mentees, or office location. Once you define your groups, every new user who joins the Intro channel will be prompted to select a group via buttons right in Slack, and Donut will introduce them with users who select a different group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the intro group size with the Cross-groups option?

Yes. The size of your intro groups can be set using the Group Size setting:

However, this doesn't control the mix of participants from your groups. For example, if you select a group size of 3, this limits the overall group size to three but whether this is two sales teammates, and one engineer, or vice-versa can't be set. Donut will allocate the mix based on availability.

Can I enforce the group sizes?

Yes. In a regular intro channel, if there is an un-even number of channel members, Donut will match users into intro groups according to size, but if there are any people left over, Donut will attach the leftover users to a group. When you use Cross-Group Intros you can strictly enforce the group size by checking this box. This might be important for things like a Mentorship program where it's important to only have 2 people in the meeting.

Please note: when you choose this option, some folks might be left out of intros if the number of group members is not fully divisible by the group size.

Can I assign groups for my Slack team members?

Yes. However, this option is available on our Premium Plan only. For anyone on our Standard Plan, users will be asked to identify with a group when the channel is activated. If they choose not to select an option, they will not receive an Intro that round.

For those on our Premium plans, you'll take the following steps:

  1. Login at with your Slack credentials

  2. Click "All Channels" in the left sidebar menu

  3. Click "Donut Channels in your workspace" at the top

  4. Locate your channel, and hit the reporting icon

  5. Select the "Members" tab which will bring up all channel members. (You can select the "Edit" links next to their group to make changes.

Can I view what group my Slack team members have chosen?

Yes. To view the team your channel members have chosen, click on the Report icon on your program hub.

Then go to your members tab, and you can see the groups everyone has chosen.

Please note: on our Standard Plan you can view the groups, and on our Premium Plan you can edit on their behalf

What happens if someone does not join a group?

If teammates do not select a group, they will not be introduced and will be left out of future intros until they select a group. Because Donut matches people based on their group choice, it cannot include them if they do not select a group.

Can we change the group names after creating them?

Yes. At any time you can head to your Intro channel settings and in the Advanced tab you can change the name of groups or add additional ones.

When you make changes to the groups, any new member that joins your Intro channel will be presented with the new group options. Existing group members will remain part of the same group, even if the group name has been changed.

Can someone be part of multiple groups?

Each member can only opt into one group for the channel. If you find that you are wanting to utilize multiple group selections, we recommend setting up multiple channels and utilizing this feature within each channel. For example, maybe you want folks in in CX and on the East Coast to meet and Engineers on the East Coast. You could create a separate CX and Engineering channel while utilizing location groups within each channel.

How do teammates change their selected group?

Teammates can open the Donut app home menu in Slack to view their personal Donut settings.

If a channel is using cross-group intros, there will be a drop-down indicating which group they've chosen. They can change the selection by clicking on the drop-down field.

How do I reset the groups and have everyone re-select?

Should you wish to have everyone re-select their groups, the best option is to hit the trash can icon on the group names and start over with fresh groups. This will trigger the DM to be sent to all channel members again so that they can select the appropriate group.

Want to get started now? Log in to the dashboard and set up categories before your next Intro round to try it out.

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