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Why weren't some people included in our Donut intros this week?
Why weren't some people included in our Donut intros this week?

Learn more about the different reasons teammates may not be included in your Donut intros on occasion.

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Sometimes your team may notice that some people are not being included in your Donut intros. This can happen for a few different reasons, so we'll cover each one below in more detail.

They are a Slack guest user but your team doesn't have your intros set up to include guest users.

You have control over whether or not single and multi-channel guests are included in your Donut intro rotation. You can toggle this setting in the dashboard at Just click "access" in the settings on your channel and toggle the option to include guests on or off as needed.

Your team is on the Free Plan and you have more than 24 people in your Donut channel

The Free Plan includes one channel with up to 24 users (or a dozen groups of 2). If you have more than 24 people, Donut will leave some people out each round. Read more about the Free Plan here.

They have been inactive for 3 Donut intro rounds and now have been excluded as a "ghost" in your channel.

When someone is inactive for a while (meaning they don't chat with their Donut group in Slack, they don't schedule a meeting, and don't respond when we check in with them), we stop including them until they opt back in. Read more about ghosts now.

They are snoozed temporarily or have opted out.

Your teammates have control over opting out temporarily or long-term. It's possible that they were snoozed or had manually opted out. Sometimes people snooze or opt-out from Donut and forget, so you can have them check their settings in Donut's app home menu within Slack. Read about snoozing and opting out.

There were not enough available people to introduce everyone.

By default, Donut will make a larger or smaller group in order to accommodate odd numbers of people. However, there are sometimes a few cases where it still may not be able to match everyone. This could be due to teammates' preferences (for example, their "Don't pair me with" list or cross-group selections, etc).

Your channel is set up for cross-group intros, but individuals did not select a group.

When you set up cross-group introductions, Donut matches people based on the group they select. If they forget to select a group, Donut won't know who to match them with and will leave them out. You can have them select a group from Donut's app home menu anytime!

Want to quickly identify why teammates weren't included?

On Donut's Standard and Premium plans, we include advanced reporting within the Program Hub that shows who was matched, who met, who didn't, and why certain people were excluded.

To navigate to your program hub:

  1. Go to your app home page

  2. Go to the channel you'd like to see the reports of, and you will see some buttons on the bottom, the first two lead to the Program Hub where you can view information about channel members and recent participation.

3. Click on the graph icon to get to the reporting section.

4. To see who was matched, if they met, and if anyone was excluded click on "Intro Groups”.

*Please note - to see the “Intro Groups” tab you will need to have access to edit the channel. See here for more info on channel access and ownership

5. To see and edit the status of individual users, click on the "Members" tab. "This is where you can view who is currently in the channel, as well as their status. "Active" means the person is currently active and can receive Donut Intros. "Excluded" means they have opted out. "Ghost" means they have been removed from the rotation for inactivity. "Snoozed" means they are temporarily snoozed right now and will resume intros later.

*Please note - to see the “Members” tab you will need to have access to edit the channel and be on the Standard plan or above. To see AND edit the users under the “Members” tab. You will need to be on the Premium plan. See here for more info on channel access and ownership

Have other questions about channel ownership or need more help? Just click the Intercom button in the bottom right corner of the screen and we'll get back to you soon. Or you can send us an email at

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