Donut Pricing: Free, Standard, Premium

Wondering how Donut pricing works? Here's a more detailed look at plans and packages.

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Free - $0

Build meaningful relationships between teammates with random introductions via Slack.

Randomly pair up to 24 people in a single Donut channel to meet up and get to know each other. Customize your introduction frequency (every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, etc.), select the date of your next intro, and receive reports via email. Scheduling is made easy with Google Calendar + Outlook integrations, plus you can use our Zoom integration to start meetings directly from Slack.

Send invitations to new hires to join your Intro channel.

Start one Donut Watercooler channel with our "Default Dozen" topics (our 12 most popular conversation topics).

Celebrate up to 24 people's birthdays and work anniversaries in one Donut Celebrations channel.

Upgrade to access more customizations and pair everyone in an Intro channel if you have more than 24 participants.

Standard - From $49 USD/month

Create robust connections programs, including mentorship and peer learning.

Make unlimited introductions, create additional Intro, Watercooler, or Celebrations channels, customize your group size and intro message, and access advanced Intro logic like cross-team introductions or CEO coffee lottery.

With Watercooler channels, you can also access our entire topic library to choose from various conversation topic prompts as you'd like. Pick from popular topic packs such as New Manager Connections, Weekly Recognition Prompts, Intern Class Connections, and more. Plus, create your own topics to add to the rotation.

In Celebrations channels, birthday and work anniversary messages are unlimited and customizable.

Standard pricing is based on the number of people in all of your Donut channels.
If your team changes billing tiers mid-cycle, we'll charge a pro-rated fee or add a credit to your account.

Billed Annually

  • 1-24 participants: $49

  • 25-49 participants: $99

  • 50-99 participants: $199

  • 100-199 participants: $399

Billed Monthly

  • 1-24 participants: $59

  • 25-49 participants: $119

  • 50-99 participants: $239

  • 100-199 participants: $479

🛠 Mental math is hard: Use our pricing calculator to get a sense of what teams your size typically pay for Donut.

If you're looking for an annual enterprise agreement, contact us through the enterprise banner here (scroll down past the features comparison).

Premium - From $99 USD/month.

Add customized connection workflows, including new hire onboarding and messages to channels.

Donut Premium access includes unlimited targeted introductions and fully customizable messages. Use Donut's full library of Watercooler topics, and access Celebrations programming. The Premium plan also includes onboarding best practices, like a buddy system.

Premium plans come with a 14-day free trial. Subscriptions can be billed monthly or annually. If your team changes billing tiers mid-cycle, we'll add a fee or a credit to the next invoice.

Premium pricing is based on the number of users (participants) receiving content from Donut. We only bill you for active users, and you're in control of how many active users are in Donut.

Who counts as an active user?

Active users are defined as all Donut channel members, Onboarding admins, and all users scheduled to receive content via Donut in Slack from Premium Templates. So each person receiving content from Donut (regardless of role) counts as an active user.

Billed Annually

  • 1-24 participants: $99

  • 25-49 participants: $199

  • 50-99 participants: $399

  • 100-199 participants: $799

Billed Monthly

  • 1-24 participants: $119

  • 25-49 participants: $239

  • 50-99 participants: $479

  • 100-199 participants: $959

Use our pricing calculator to estimate how many active users you'll have.

Enterprise - Contact us

If you have 500+ expected Donut users, an annual Enterprise plan could fit your team. Those packages start at $12,500 annually and come with a variety of features, including:

  • Custom packages built for your team

  • Billing via invoice

  • Access to security and contract resources

  • A dedicated customer success manager

If an annual Enterprise package sounds like a fit for your needs, get in touch with our sales team:

Are you new to Donut and would like to try it out? Click "Add to Slack" below to get started!

We'll walk you through how to complete the installation from there. Do you have questions about how we handle data security or privacy? We've got more info right here.

Need to learn more about downgrading, canceling, or changing your billing?

Check out our billing help article here.

📣 Still have questions about Donut? Hit the chat button to the right anytime, and a member of the team will get back to you.

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