Free - $0

Build meaningful relationships between teammates with random introductions via Slack.

Randomly pair up to 24 people in a single Donut channel to meet up and get to know each other. Customize your introduction frequency (every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks, etc.), select your date of next pairing, and receive reports via email. Send invitations to new hires to join your pairing channel.

Upgrade to access more customizations and to pair everyone in a channel if you have more than 24 participants.

Standard - From $49/month

Create robust connections programs including mentorship and peer learning. Access integrations like Google Calendar.

Make unlimited introductions, create additional pairing channels, customize your group size and intro message, and access advanced pairing logic like cross-team introductions or CEO coffee lottery. Plus, scheduling is made easy with a Google Calendar integration.

Standard pricing is based on the number of people participating in all of your pairing channels:

1-49 participants: $49
50-99 participants: $99
100-199 participants: $199
199+ participants: $150 for each additional 100 participants.

🛠Mental math is hard: make a copy of our handy pricing calculator and estimate to your heart's content.

Premium - $49 + $5 / active Donut user / month.

Add customized connection workflows including new hire onboarding and messages to channels.

$49 per month for your first 10 users + $5 per active user (over 10) per month. This includes everyone receiving introductions and messages from Donut.

Donut Premium access includes unlimited targeted introductions and fully customizable messages. Use Donut’s full library of connections programming, including onboarding best practices, like a buddy system.

Premium pricing varies depending on how many active users you have month to month (you can find more info here), and comes with a 14-day free trial.

Enterprise - Contact us

Would you like to use Donut at your enterprise? Get in touch, and we'd be happy to discuss packages and pricing.

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