How Does Donut Work?

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Donut Watercooler

Donut Intros

Donut Onboarding

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What Can My Team Do with Donut? 

In short: we can help you launch, manage, and maintain hundreds of different kinds of relationship-building connections programs.

You can introduce new hires to everyone they need to know, overcome distance with virtual coffees or lunch lotteries, keep leadership connected with a CEO coffee program or leadership round-tables, spread knowledge across the org with peer mentorship programs and job-shadowing, and much much more.

💡 See a complete list of top Donut connections programs and how to set them up.

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How Much Does Donut Cost?

Looking for a quote? Donut's cost varies depending on the plan you choose and how many people on your team are included in introductions and workflows. We offer both monthly and annual plans.


For Intros, Standard allows you to make unlimited introductions, create more than one Donut channel, customize your group size and intro messages, and access advanced Intro channel logic like cross-team introductions or a CEO coffee lottery. Standard also comes with access to advanced features and integrations.

For Watercooler, Standard allows you to create unlimited Watercooler channels where your teammates can respond and interact based on the topics Donut posts in your channel(s). It includes all of our Topic Packs (sets of Watercooler topics), from sharing about favorite foods to photo-sharing prompts. Plus, it allows you to create custom topics.

Standard pricing is based on the number of people participating in your Intro channels and Watercooler channels and starts from $49 per month.

🛠 Mental math is hard: Use our pricing calculator to get a sense for what teams your size pay for Donut.


Premium plans give you all the features of Standard, and allow you to create customized connection workflows, including new hire onboarding and messages to channels.

Premium pricing is based on the number of people in Donut channels as well as those in premium templates (like onboarding). Pricing starts at $99 per month.

We have more information on how we define active Donut users right here. 

🛠 Premium pricing varies depending on how many active users you have month to month: Use our pricing calculator to estimate how many active users you'll have.

I'm Still Wondering...

 We'd love to help you make your decision. Here are some other frequently asked questions:

I'm interested in an Enterprise package. What's the next step?

We're thrilled to hear it! Annual enterprise agreements start at $12,500 and have a minimum of 500 Donut users. If you'd like to discuss an annual agreement, get in touch:

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