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What are Donut intros? How does Donut work?
What are Donut intros? How does Donut work?
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Donut intros are a simple way to connect teammates from within Slack. On a regular basis, Donut will select people from your Intro channel, and will send a DM encouraging them to meet up for lunch, donuts, or a virtual coffee over video chat!

When someone on your Slack workspace sets up Donut, they'll choose the channel, frequency of intros (multiple times per week, once per weekly, biweekly, etc), the time zone for your team, and the time that the intros will go out. These settings can be changed in the dashboard at

Donut tries to introduce people who don't normally interact with each other. It does this by looking at who is in which channels and matching people who aren't in a lot of channels together. Donut also keeps track of who has been introduced in the past to avoid frequent repeats.

The group can start chatting and coordinate a time within the group DM, plus they can request a Conversation Starter from Donut to kick things off.

If desired, your team can set up our Google Calendar and Zoom integrations to make scheduling and chatting even easier.

Donut checks back in with each group to see whether they've met.

After the meeting, teammates can leave each other compliments to revisit anytime. This is a nice way to recall something fun or interesting from the meeting.

What settings can individuals control?

Teammates can opt-out in a few different ways, such as temporarily snoozing while on vacation or deactivating intros for a longer period of time.

There’s also a menu of options in Donut’s “Home” tab in Slack, where they can review their recent intros and update the status of those meetings, send teammates surprise compliments, request a donut meeting, and edit their list of teammates they wish not to be introduced to for any reason. If you have Outlook or Google Calendar integration enabled for your team, then teammates can set their working hours to control what calendar times are listed as available options to schedule a chat during a Donut intro.

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