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How to: Send a Compliment Through Donut

Learn more about how Donut Compliments work and when your teammate will receive the compliments you send them.

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After you've completed an Intro meeting, you can send the people you met with a Compliment through Donut. Compliments are a great way to brighten your teammate's day, let them know you enjoyed getting to know them, and solidify the new connections you're forming through Donut.Β 

How It Works

Sending compliments to your teammates is simple! When Donut checks in to ask whether or not you've met at the end of your intros, be sure to mark "yes."Β 

You have to mark that you met for Donut to offer you the chance to leave a compliment for your teammate.

Donut will then ask if you'd like to leave a positive message; if you'd like to send them some surprise positive feedback, please be sure to hit the button that says, "Say Something Nice."

Type in your compliment, and Donut will be sure to send it to them midway through the next round. This means they won't receive it right away but instead will get the comments a bit later when they might not be expecting positive feedback!
​Please keep in mind that compliments cannot be edited once they are submitted.

Need ideas? Here are some ideas of things teams might say to one another:

  • "Mike's background in information architecture, along with his design experience, will be super valuable to our team! Thanks to Donut, I know who to disturb now with my questions πŸ‘"

  • "Thanks for a great lunch; always a pleasure to meet a fellow Star Wars fan! The movie is doing well at the box office; definitely go check it out if you get a chance!"

(If you receive a Donut Compliment, you can also let us know how the feedback made you feel. This will allow us to continue improving the feature over time)

Review Past Compliments

Want to reread the nice things your teammates have said, or double-check to see who you've sent compliments to? You can revisit compliments you've sent and received in the past from Donut's "home" tab in Slack.

  1. Go to Donut's Home tab in Slack

  2. Click πŸ“… History and Compliments > πŸ’Œ Compliments

Have any questions about this feature? Feel free to open a chat with us by hitting the purple Intercom button in the bottom right corner, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.Β 

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