Donut's Outlook Calendar integration makes it quick and easy to schedule a meeting with your teammates. Once you've linked your Outlook Calendar, Donut will automatically display available meeting times whenever you're part of a Donut intro.

You'll be able to browse and book a time to meet with your teammates and create an Outlook Calendar invite directly from Slack.

Turning on Outlook Calendar for your Intro Channel

First, you'll need to toggle on the Outlook integration under the "Integration & Add-ons" tab settings for your Intro channel at

  1. Log in at with your Slack credentials

  2. Click your Intro channel

  3. Click the "Scheduling & Meeting" tab at the top

  4. Scroll down to the "Calendar Scheduling" section

  5. Select "Groups choose meeting time" and toggle on Microsoft Outlook

Once you've done this, the next time your teammates are introduced they'll get an option to link their Outlook calendar from within Slack:

Changing the Default Meeting Length for Your Channel

Want your teammates to have a quick 15-minute chat over coffee? Or need a 90-minute brainstorm session? You can customize the length of your calendar meetings from the dashboard.

  1. Click the channel you wish to edit in the dashboard

  2. Navigate to the "Scheduling & Meeting" tab at the top

  3. Scroll down to the "Calendar Scheduling" section and look for the drop-down that says "Calendar meeting length"

  4. Select the default time you'd like to use and save when finished!

If you've set up the Outlook Calendar integration in the dashboard, but now want to know more about how you and your teammates can link your calendars, click here.

Have questions or feedback? Just click the purple intercom button in the bottom right of your screen to open up a chat with our support team!

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