How does scheduling work with Donut?
Your team members have control over how and when they'd like to meet, plus our Google Calendar integration makes scheduling simple.
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There are a few different ways your team can choose to schedule your Donut meetings. Below you can learn about the three main ways we've seen teams schedule their meetings and which method works best depending on your needs.

πŸ’¬ Teammates chat amongst themselves to find the best time that works for everyone

This is the most basic way to plan a time to chat. Simply start a conversation in your group DM with Donut to find out when works for everyone. If your team chooses not to use the Google Calendar integration, groups will need to chat about when they'd like to meet.

This option is great for distributed teams 12+ hours apart in time zones with no overlapping business hours or for teams that don't use Google Calendar. Once groups have decided how/when they'd like to meet, they can manually create a calendar invite or simply set up a Slack reminder to meet at the agreed-upon time.

πŸ“† Use Donut's Google Calendar integration to schedule a meeting directly from Slack

Donut has a Google Calendar integration that you can toggle on per Intro channel. When this option is turned on, Donut will include some available times that work for everyone in the group, and individuals can select a time and send an invite directly from the Slack DM.

The Google Calendar integration is an excellent option to reduce scheduling difficulties and make it easy and quick for teammates to find a time that works.

πŸ•› Set aside a specific time for the whole organization to hold as their Donut meeting time

You might prefer to make sure that everyone has time in their calendar to meet up at the same time each week. In this case, we've seen teams set a standing calendar invite for the purpose of "holding" that time in everyone's calendars (outside of Donut's GCal integration). For example, everyone reserves Thursdays at 12 pm EST for Donut meetings.

This way, when teammates are paired, they know that everyone is available at the same time, and there is no scheduling necessary.

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