How does scheduling work with Donut?

Your team members have control over how and when they'd like to meet, plus our calendar integrations makes scheduling simple.

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There are several ways your team can schedule Donut meetings to foster meaningful connections and communication. Here are the three main methods we've observed, each catering to different needs and preferences:


πŸ’¬ Teammates Chat

This is the simplest way to plan a Donut meeting. Start a conversation in your group DM with Donut to find a suitable time that works for everyone. If your team decides not to use the Google Calendar integration, group members can discuss and agree on the meeting time manually.

Recommended for: Distributed teams with significant time zone differences (12+ hours apart) and no overlapping business hours, or teams not using Google Calendar. Once the time is decided, you can create a calendar invite or set up a Slack reminder for the agreed-upon time.


πŸ“† Calendar Integration

Donut offers seamless Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook integrations that you can enable for each Intro channel. With this option turned on, Donut will suggest available times that work for all members in the group. Individuals can then choose a suitable time and send a meeting invite directly from the Slack DM.

Recommended for: Teams looking to reduce scheduling difficulties and simplify the process of finding a suitable meeting time. It makes it quick and effortless for teammates to coordinate and set up Donut meetings.

πŸ”₯ Hot Tip: Enable the "Automatic Scheduling" feature, and Donut will automatically schedule your meetings if nobody in the group initiates the scheduling process.


πŸ•› Set a Standing Donut Meeting Time

If your team prefers a consistent meeting time each week, you can set a standing calendar invite for the purpose of "holding" that time in everyone's calendars, independently of Donut's GCal integration. For example, you might reserve Thursdays at 12 pm EST for Donut meetings.

Recommended for: Teams seeking an organized and pre-scheduled approach, where everyone knows the designated meeting time, and no additional scheduling is necessary when teammates are paired.

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