Set a fixed time for your team's Donut meetings

Donut's Pre-set Meeting Time feature allows you to schedule a certain time on a given day for participants to meet.

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In some instances, you might wish for teammates to have their Donut meetings on a certain day of the week at a specific time (e.g. every Wednesday at 2 pm).

Donut's Pre-set Meeting Time allows you to pre-schedule a time for all Donut participants to meet. It does this by scheduling a recurring calendar invite for everyone in the channel. When sent out, it introduces teammates each round and will include a note that a time has already been reserved for them to connect.

How It Works

When you activate this feature for your Donut Intro channel (more info on how to turn this on and off below), a calendar invite will be sent to all participants in the channel reserving a specific day and time for them to connect.
When Donut introduces participants via DM, the Intro message will include a note that a time has been reserved in their calendar for them to connect. Just before the calendar event, Donut will send a reminder letting them know it's time to chat.

*Note: Pre-set Meeting Time is only available on our Standard and Premium plans.

How to Turn Pre-set Meeting Time On/Off From the Dashboard

Turning Pre-set Meeting Time on and off in the dashboard is simple:

  1. Login at

  2. Click the settings gear for your Intro channel

  3. Under "Scheduling & Meeting", scroll down until you see 'Pre-set Meeting Time'

  4. Select "Pre-set meeting time", and select the time

  5. Save when finished

Turning On Pre-set Meeting Time

When turning on 'Pre-set Meeting Time', you'll have access to the settings on the left-hand side that allow you to pick the specific day and time the Intro participants should connect. Once you hit Save, a calendar invite will be sent out to all participants in the channel for this time.

The calendar invites are sent from your linked Google Calendar (see here on how to use Donut's Google Calendar integration). If you haven't linked a Google Calendar yet then Donut will prompt you to link your calendar first before allowing you to configure the Pre-Set Meeting Time settings.

Common Questions

Does this create a recurring event?

Yes, if you set the meeting time to be on Tuesday at 10 am, then a recurring calendar event is created for every Tuesday at 10 am for all participants in the channel. The name of the Calendar event will be '#channel-name Donut'

Does this account for existing calendar conflicts that participants might have?

Currently, Donut doesn't take into account any calendar conflicts Intro participants might have when the invite is sent out. It assumes the meeting time is free to be booked for everyone.

Which teammate's calendar is the invite sent out from?

Donut sends out the invite from the person that authenticated their Google Calendar account when turning on the 'Pre-set Meeting Time' feature on the dashboard.

Does the calendar event include participants that have opted out?

The invite includes snoozed participants. Any other excluded participants such as those who've opted out permanently or have been ghostbusted will not be part of the meeting invite. If your settings don't allow for guest users to participate, then they won't be included in the meeting invite either.

What happens if someone new joins the channel or someone opts out?

Donut automatically includes them in the upcoming calendar invite if they've joined the channel, and anyone that opts out permanently or leaves the channel is uninvited.

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