If you'll be out of office or know you won't be able to participate in Donut intros for a set period of time, we've made it easy to temporarily opt out without leaving the channel altogether or changing intro dates for your entire team.

Our snooze feature allows you to selectively skip intros to fit your schedule, without disrupting your normal Donut intro schedule or leaving a teammate hanging.

How to Use Snooze

Open up Donut in Slack and look for the "Home" menu. You'll be able to see every Intro channel that you're in, and selectively snooze intros for each channel.

Click the drop-down menu and select the next available intro date that works for your schedule.

That's it! Donut will automatically resume intros on the date you've selected.


If I snooze, will that impact my teammates' intros? 

Nope! Snooze is individually controlled, which means that you're only changing settings for yourself. You will not be changing the next intro date for your team. If you'd like to do that, just log in at donut.ai to change your team's settings from the central Intros dashboard.

I want to resume intros early. How do I do that?

Just select the "stop snoozing" button for your Intro channel, and you'll receive a intro on the next scheduled intro date for your team.

I belong to multiple Intro channels. Can I pause all at once? Or skip some but not others?

Snooze is configured so that you can snooze individual channels or snooze all channels at once. From the Donut Home menu in Slack, you'll be able to browse and select which channels you wish to snooze.

You can also use the "snooze all intros" button to snooze every channel you're in at once.

If you don't want to use the universal snooze option, you can choose to skip intros for some channels and not others, which comes in handy if you have a particularly packed week.

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