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Using Zoom for remote Donut meetings

Learn how to use Donut's Zoom integration to easily host and join remote Donut meetings with your teammates.

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Donut's Zoom integration makes it quick and easy to plan a remote meeting with your teammates. Once you've linked your Zoom account, Donut will automatically allow you to start Zoom calls when you are introduced to your teammates, directly from Slack.

Turning Zoom on or off for your Intro channel

First, you or the channel editor will need to toggle on the Zoom integration under the "Scheduling & Meeting" settings for your Intro channel at

  1. Log in at with your Slack credentials

  2. Find your intro channel and click the gear icon to go to settings

  3. Click "Scheduling & Meeting" settings at the top

  4. Scroll down to the Zoom integration and toggle the feature on/off

  5. Click "save" when finished to save this setting!

How to link your Zoom account with Donut

If your team has the Zoom integration turned on and no one in your intro DM has set it up yet, Donut will include a note in your intro message with a button to get started. 

1. Click the "Get Started" button to link your Zoom account with Donut.

2. This will open a modal to link your Zoom account. Click the button that says "Link my Zoom account" to go to Zoom.

3. Once you are signed into Zoom, you'll need to authorize Donut to access your Zoom account. Click "Authorize" to continue.

4. Donut will show a message confirming that you have successfully authorized Zoom.

How to use Donut's Slack integration

Once you have completed the authorization, you'll be able to start a Zoom meeting from directly within Slack.

If you also use Donut's Google Calendar integration to schedule your meetings, any Google Calendar events you create with Donut will include Zoom meetings.

Once you've set up the Zoom integration, Donut will remind you when it's time to meet so that you can simply click "Start Zoom meeting." 

While you're active in the call, your intro DM in Slack will display who is on the call. 

How to Revoke Donut's Access to your Zoom Account

  1. Login to your Zoom account

  2.  Navigate to your installed apps in Zoom's App Marketplace

  3. Find the Donut app and click "uninstall"

Note: this only uninstalls Donut from your personal Zoom account. This does not impact your teammates

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