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How do I use Google Calendar to schedule my Donut meeting?
How do I use Google Calendar to schedule my Donut meeting?

Learn how to sync your Google Calendar and start using our integration to instant-book your Donut meetings with teammates.

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Syncing Donut with Your Google Calendar

You can use Google Calendar to quickly and easily book Donut meetings with your teammates. First, you’ll need to link your Google Calendar to Donut. There are two ways to link your calendar:

Please note: each individual user will need to authorize Zoom for their account in order to use it.

Option 1: Link Your Google Calendar via the Dashboard

We recommend completing this step once you’ve been invited to your team’s Intro channel., It’s fast and easy to integrate your Google Calendar from the dashboard. To integrate your Google Calendar, please follow these steps:

1. Log into the dashboard with your Slack credentials

2. Click your profile icon in the upper right corner and select Your Integrations

3. Click the "Authorize Google Calendar" button to link your calendar with Donut!

Option 2: Wait for Donut to prompt you

Want Donut’s help with integrating your Google Calendar? Donut can send you a reminder! If your team has the Google Calendar integration turned on and no one in your group has linked their calendars yet, Donut will include a note at the bottom of your Intro message with a button to get started. Click this button to link your calendar.

Once you click this button, Donut will open a modal with instructions for connecting the app with your calendar of choice. Select the calendar you'd like to use.

Scheduling Donut Meetings with Google Calendar

Once someone has set up their Google Calendar with Donut, you'll be presented with a list of times that work for them when you are paired. You can browse the times available, and if you click on "Send calendar invite," you'll be prompted to link your own calendar first.

Clicking the "Send calendar invite" button will then schedule a calendar event directly from Slack (as long as you have permission to view your teammates' calendars).

Note: not all participants need to select a time. The Google Calendar event will be created once someone clicks "Send calendar invite" in Slack.

Donut will confirm the meeting time you selected by posting the details in the Intro direct message.

If you need to reschedule for any reason, you can click the Reschedule button underneath the confirmation DM from Donut. Donut will then present you with new times that work for everyone based on their working hours!

Once your meeting time is over, you’ll be asked if you were able to meet.

Customize Your Meeting Length

Want to have a quick 15-minute chat over coffee? Or need a 90-minute brainstorm session? You can customize the length of your meeting from the drop down in your intro message before selecting a time.

How to change or unlink your Google Calendar

Maybe your company has a new email domain, and you want to update your integration, or perhaps you just don’t want your calendar linked anymore. Good news! Changing or unlinking your Google Calendar is just as easy as linking it.

To change or unlink your calendar, visit the Your Integrations page in the dashboard.

Click the “Unlink” button to remove the integration completely. Alternatively, you can click the “Change Google Calendar account” button to change Google accounts!

Questions about how to use Google Calendar with Donut? Just click the purple intercom button at the bottom right of your screen to open up a chat with our support team!

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