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FAQ for Donut Participants
FAQ for Donut Participants

Frequently asked questions for Donut participants

Donut’s Widget for FigJamDonut's collaboration with Figma
Can I adjust my working hours for the calendar integration?Learn how to change the hours Donut scans on your calendar to find available times between you and your teammates.
For participants: getting started with DonutCheck out our list of FAQs and how-to's for Donut participants
How do I use Microsoft Outlook to schedule my Donut meeting?
How do I start my meeting with Donut's Zoom integration as an individual Donut participant?How do I use Zoom for video chats in my Donut meetings as an individual Donut participant?
What are Donut Intros? How does Donut work?Discover how to quickly implement and schedule Donut Intros.
How do I tell Donut that we met?Donut keeps a history of past Donut Intros and marks whether or not you were able to meet
How can I opt out of Donut intros?If you'd like to stop receiving Intros from Donut, here are your options.
Can I prevent intros to specific people?Here's how to stop receiving intros to a manager or a direct report you work closely with (and know well).
Can I choose my own Intro frequency?If you're looking to receive Intros more or less frequently, here are your options.
How do I use Google Calendar to schedule my Donut meeting?Learn how to sync your Google Calendar and start using our integration to instant-book your Donut meetings with teammates.
What happens when one person isn't available to meet?
Can I Opt Out of Intros, But Stay in the Intro Channel?Sometimes you may want to be present, but not be introduced to others. Here's how to remain in the channel but opt out of intros.