Can I choose my own Intro frequency?

If you're looking to receive Intros more or less frequently, here are your options.

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Intro frequency (how often Donut sends introductions) is set at the channel level. You can view the Donut channel(s) you belong to and the date(s) of the next round of intros anytime by opening a direct message with Donut and going to the Home tab.

Scroll down to see a list of Donut Channels You're In and dates.

If you'd like to receive Intros less frequently, you can periodically snooze. For example, if your channel receives intros every two weeks and you'd prefer to receive them once a month, you can snooze every other round of intros.

If you'd like to receive Intros more frequently, you can ask the channel creator to increase the frequency, or find or start new Donut channels. Open up a direct message with Donut and scroll down to join or start a new channel.

Still need help with individual frequency settings, or want to request another feature? Hit the purple chat button and we'd be delighted to help.

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