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FAQ for Donut Participants
For participants: getting started with Donut
For participants: getting started with Donut

Check out our list of FAQs and how-to's for Donut participants

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New to Donut and looking for some tips and tricks to get started? You've come to the right place! Here are some helpful articles that will outline the basics:

Donut Intros are a simple way to connect with teammates from within Slack. On a regular basis, Donut will select people from your Intro channel, and will send a DM encouraging them to meet up for lunch, donuts, or a virtual coffee over video chat!

Donut Watercooler can help increase friendly conversation without the need for additional video chats. Watercooler topics come through as messages from Donut in the channel you've selected. Once Donut posts the Watercooler topic, your team can respond and chat about the prompt in the channel together.

Donut Celebrations automates messages that recognize your teammate's birthdays and work anniversaries.

Donut's Home Tab is your one-stop-shop within Slack for all things Donut.

Donut's Zoom integration makes it quick and easy to plan a remote meeting with your teammates.

You can use Donut's Calendar integrations to quickly and easily book Donut meetings with your teammates. You’ll just need to link your Calendar to Donut.

If you use the Calendar Integration, Donut automatically attempts to find available time slots between you and your teammates and proposes times that work for everyone.

Here's how to stop receiving intros to a manager or a direct report you work closely with (and know well).

If you'd like to stop receiving intros from Donut, there are a few options to temporarily or permanently opt out.

Donut keeps a history of past Donut intros and marks whether or not you were able to meet. Learn more about how Donut keeps track of your meetings.

🍩 Need more help? Just click the purple chat button or email and we’ll help you out!

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