Donut's video integrations make it quick and easy for teammates to start or join Donut meetings, directly from Slack. If your team uses Google Meet or Microsoft Teams video, you can select them as your default option for Donut meetings.

With Google Meet / MS Teams video integrations selected, Donut will automatically include either a Google Meet or MS Teams video link in future Donut calendar invites. Read on to learn more about how to set your default video conferencing option.

How to turn on Google Meet and Microsoft Teams video for your Intro channel

1. Turn on Calendar Integration(s)

In order to use Google Meet and Microsoft Teams video, channels must first be set to "Groups choose meeting time" under Calendar Scheduling, and the appropriate calendar integration* must be turned on for the channel.

*Channels must have Donut's Google Calendar integration turned on in order to use Google Meet video, and must have Microsoft Outlook calendar turned on in order to use MS Teams video.

2. Then turn on Video Conferencing

Channel owners or editors can toggle on Donut's Google Meet and Microsoft Teams integrations under the "Scheduling & Meeting" settings for your team's Intro channel.

  • Log in at with your Slack credentials

  • Find your Intro channel and click the gear icon to go to settings

  • Click the "Scheduling & Meeting" tab at the top

  • Scroll down to "Video Conferencing"

  • Select the Google Meet / MS Teams integration option

  • Click "Save" when finished.

How do my teammates use Donut's Google Meet or MS Teams integration once it's turned on?

Once Google Meet and MS Teams video integrations have been turned on as the default option for your channel in the dashboard, any calendar events created with Donut will include Google Meet or MS Teams meetings (Google Meet will be the default video when using GCal, MS Teams when using Outlook).

Donut will remind team members when it's time to meet so that they can simply click the link in their calendar invite to start their meeting or start it directly from Slack.

Please note that Donut will create different types of video links depending on the type of account linked with Donut:

  • G-suite G-Cal accounts will create Google Meet links.

  • Personal G-Cal accounts will create Google Hangouts links.

  • MS Teams Outlook accounts will create Teams links.

  • Personal Outlook accounts will create Skype links.

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