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How Should I Announce Donut to my team?
How Should I Announce Donut to my team?

Now that you've configured your Donut channels, the next step is getting your team psyched to participate. We'll show you how.

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The more people you invite to your Donut channels, the bigger the opportunity to increase communication and collaboration team-wide.

Stuck on how to do it? We've compiled some suggestions to make it easy, whether you'd prefer to invite by Slack, by email, or both.

By Slack

Slack is (surprise!) another great way to announce Donut, and we've seen good signup rates by using this method. Here are a few ideas for posts in #general (or your equivalent), feel free to pull from what's relevant depending on which Donut channels you create:

Example 1 (Intros and Celebrations)
Hey everyone!
We've added Donut to Slack to help us enhance team cohesion and collaboration. @donut will randomly intro everyone in #donut-friends-forever every 2 weeks and encourage them to meet for 🍩 or β˜• (via Zoom). We've also created a channel called #team-celebrations where birthday and work anniversary posts will be shared. You can opt in by joining #donut-friends-forever and/or #team-celebrations.
Enjoy! πŸŽ‰

Example 2 (Intros and Watercooler)
Do you like 🍩? Do you like πŸ’¬? We installed a new Slack app named @donut to help us meet and bond with teammates. If you join #YAYfriends, you'll be randomly introduced to someone every other week. Set up a Zoom sesh, (safely) take a walk, the 🌏 is your oyster. Looking for more asynchronous conversation? We've also set up a Watercooler channel called #weekly-watercooler-chats where engaging topics will be posted to encourage informal discussions.

Example 3 (Intros)
πŸ‘‹ @here quick heads-up that we installed a Slack app named @donut to bring us closer -- enabling you to expand your professional network and build new connections! @donut will introduce you to a new teammate via DM every other week. Join #coffee-buds to get started.

By Email

Here are three real examples of emails teams have sent to announce Donut. Feel free to copy/paste or customize!

Example 1

Subject: get to know each other over coffee!

Hey Team,

We're rolling out a new connections program via Donut in Slack, and we'd love for you to participate!

What is it?
Donut is an app that will send you introductions to teammates via direct message in Slack. Once you've received a DM, you can chat and find a time to meet. Donut will also post fun topics to spark conversations in Slack, and send Celebrations messages to recognize birthdays and work anniversaries.

How can I opt into receiving intros, watercooler topics, or celebration messages?

Just find the corresponding Slack channel and join. You'll automatically be included in Donut content moving forward.

If you need to pause intros for any reason like a vacation or want to opt-out, here are some instructions.
If you prefer to not have your dates celebrated you may decide to not join the channel or remove your dates in Donut's home tab in Slack.

Looking forward to getting ️ 🍩 or β˜• soon!Β 

Example 2

Subject: Get to know each other IRL

What's up team?

As we work from locations both near and far, the effects of scale and distance undoubtedly present some new challenges. Among those: Getting to know and communicating well with your teammates.Β 

While we always encourage those serendipitous "hellos" or random reach outs to colleagues, we're excited to introduce a tool that will help make those introductions easier.

Meet Donut!

Donut is a friendly app that will introduce you to a coworker every Monday. You're welcome to Zoom, Facetime, go for a walk (if it's safe) - anything to get you talking!

Ready to get started?

  1. Search our Slack channels for #YAYFRIENDS and join it.

  2. Every Monday you'll receive a DM from Donut introducing you to a new colleague.

  3. If you'd like to opt out or snooze intros for any reason (like you're taking advantage of our flexible vacation policy), here's what to do.

  4. That's it!

YAY for friends!

Example 3

Hey Team,

We're trying out a new Slack app named Donut that will randomly assign lunch buddies every Monday. All you need to do is join the #lunch-buds channel.

##The Whole Shebang
Since we're so spread out, walking into the (virtual) lunch room or starting remotely can be intimidating. We've always set up lunch buddies for new hires, but not-so-new teammates have been wanting a way to do this past their first week. Here it is!

###Woohoo! I want in.
Find the #lunch-buds channel and join it. Every Monday you'll randomly be introduced with a new lunch buddy via DM. Donut finds teammates that don't often interact via Slack and pairs them, so you'll have a chance to meet someone totally new, or get to know teammates better.

####What's next?
Let us know if you have any feedback. We can adjust frequency, and if you want to opt out or pause, you can do so any time.

Have other questions? Contact us

Questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to contact You can also click the purple Intercom button at the bottom right to chat with us and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.
​Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 10:0am-6:00pm EST.

Still want to know more? Click here to learn more about How Donut Works as well as the various types of connections programs you can create with Donut.




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