After you're introduced, Donut will check in periodically (in the multi-party direct message) to ask whether or not you've met. At the end of the round, if you haven't responded, Donut will mark the meeting as "no response."

When does Donut check in?

The cadence for check-ins depends on your team's intro frequency, but rest assured Donut will always check in before your next round of intros.

Can I tell Donut we've met as soon as we're done?

You'll need to wait until Donut checks-in to mark the meeting complete. Donut will check in before your team's next set of intros.

How do I update the status of a meeting?

If you need to change the status of a meeting after the next round of intros has started, you can do so from Slack.

To edit a meeting status in Slack, click on Donut and go to app home. Click the button that says "View your Donut intros."

This will open a modal with your most recent 5 Donut intros showing the status of each meeting and allowing you to edit the status.

If a meeting says "in progress" it means you cannot yet edit the status because all check-ins are not complete.

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