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Can I Opt Out of Intros, But Stay in the Intro Channel?
Can I Opt Out of Intros, But Stay in the Intro Channel?

Sometimes you may want to be present, but not be introduced to others. Here's how to remain in the channel but opt out of intros.

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If you're a user that would like to monitor Donut Intro channel activity, but want to be excluded from the regular introductions, just head to your dashboard and log in using your Slack credentials.

Once you're logged in, select the channel for which you're a member but would like to opt out of intros, and hit the gear icon.

Navigate to the "Personal settings" tab. You'll see an option to exclude yourself from intros. Toggle the switch to "on," and don't forget to save!

πŸ’‘ If you are not an admin, clicking the gear icon will take you directly to the "personal settings" page.

Opt Back in

You can opt back in anytime by logging back in, toggling "exclude from Intros" back to the grey, off position and clicking Save.

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