On a regular basis, Donut takes all the members of a specified Slack channel, puts them together into pairs, and then sends a DM to each of the pairs encouraging them to meet for coffee, lunch, or donuts! Or even a virtual coffee over video chat if they’re in different locations.

When someone on the team sets up set up Donut, they'll choose the channel, frequency of pairings (multiple times per week, once per weekly, biweekly, etc), and time zone for your team. (You can change these at any time by going to donut.ai.)

Donut will always introduce people at 10 am in the time zone selected for your team in the dashboard.

Donut tries to introduce people who don't normally interact with each other. It does this by looking at who is in which channels and pairing people who aren't in a lot of channels together. Donut also keeps track of who it has paired in the past so as to avoid repeats.

The pair can start chatting and coordinate a time within the group DM. There are also Google Calendar and Zoom integrations to make scheduling and chatting easier.

Donut checks back in with each pair toward the end of the pairing round to see whether they've met.

After the meeting, teammates can leave each other compliments to revisit anytime. This is a nice way to recall something fun or interesting learned during the meeting.

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