How to: Install and use the Donut Icebreakers app for Zoom

Keep your conversations fresh with engaging icebreaker prompts using the Donut Icebreakers app for Zoom!

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Say goodbye to awkward silences and hello to vibrant discussions. ✨

Keep reading below to find out how to add the Donut Icebreakers app to Zoom!

How does it work?

The Donut Icebreakers app for Zoom will cycle through a series of engaging prompts to easily break the ice and bring the same casual and relaxed engagement of Watercooler channels to your Zoom meetings.

💡 Want to learn more about Watercoolers? Click here.

Since the app will remain installed within Zoom, you are free to use the app anytime you want to get to know your colleagues a little better.

The best part? Only one person needs to launch the app within Zoom in order to have everyone participate! This can be especially helpful for larger teams.

What kind of questions will Donut ask?

The prompts can range from light-hearted and silly, such as "Would you rather go bungee jumping or skydiving? Or neither?" to more thought-provoking questions like "What's something you want to learn, but haven't taken the time for it?" See below for options to customize the prompts.

Installing the app to Zoom

  1. Install the Donut Icebreakers app for Zoom here.

  2. You will be asked to sign into your Donut account via Slack if you're not already signed in.

  3. You will be asked to sign in to Zoom if you're not already.

  4. Zoom will ask for your permission to add the Donut Icebreakers app, click “Allow.”

  5. All done! You should now be able to use the Donut Icebreakers app inside your Zoom meetings!

Using the app during a meeting

  1. While in a Zoom meeting, find and click the “Apps” icon on the Zoom toolbar

  2. This will open a sidebar with your installed Zoom apps, find and click Donut Icebreakers from this list:

  3. That's it! Without having to share your screen, your meeting participants will be able to view the prompts and respond live as you click through them.

First time using the app? You may be prompted to download additional utilities by your Zoom client in order to utilize all of the features of the Donut Icebreakers app. Additionally, there will be some helpful prompts to guide you through some of the app's basic features.

Additional Features:

We want to ensure the Donut Icebreakers app works for you and your team. We've compiled a short list of additional things you can do with your app below.

Hiding the prompt box in your video feed:

  • You have the ability to hide/unhide the prompt layer in your video. The app will remain open and function as normal, but the prompt won't be visible to other meeting participants. This can work well if you want to use Donut Icebreakers without making them visible to everyone.

    • To hide your prompt box, click the "Hide prompt for others" icon on the left hand side of your app

    • To unhide the prompt, click the same button. The prompt will now be visible to all meeting participants.

Flipping your video

The prompts will always look correct to the other meeting participants, but if your video is mirrored for yourself you may want to un-mirror it to be able to read the prompts in your video feed:

  • You can flip your video feed and the prompt from the Donut app, if necessary.

  • To flip your video, click the "Flip your video" button.

Choosing Icebreaker packs

Want more control over which types of prompts are used by Donut during your meeting? We've got your back! You can now pick and choose which Icebreaker packs work for you and your team. Maybe you want to keep all the prompts in the "Fun" category but skip any related to "Sports" or "Food."

Here's how to below:

  1. With the Donut Icebreakers app open, you want to click the blue "Icebreaker Packs" bar at the bottom of the app screen.

2. Here, you can uncheck any packs you don't want. Any checked packs will be

shuffled by Donut automatically!

3. Make sure you click "Done" at the top of the app screen. Then you'll be all set!

Uninstalling the app from Zoom

  1. Open your browser and view your added apps. You may be prompted to login to Zoom before accessing this page.

  2. Find the Donut Icebreakers app and click "Remove."

  3. Zoom will ask you to provide a reason for removing the app, and will ask you to confirm by clicking "remove" once more.

  4. You're all set. Donut will be immediately uninstalled from your Zoom account.

Have additional questions about the Donut Icebreakers app for Zoom? Reach our support team by clicking the purple Intercom button at the bottom right to chat with us.

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