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Learn more about Donut's Conversation Starters for your Intros.

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Sometimes you might want a little bit of extra help starting a conversation when Donut matches you with a new teammate. Or, perhaps you know the person well, but you'd like something new and engaging to discuss on your Donut meeting.
Donut's Conversation Starters help you to quickly start interesting conversations by prompting each participant with the same question. Once everyone has answered the question, you can reveal and compare your answers to discover some interesting facts about each other.

*Conversation Starters are separate from Donut's Watercooler prompts. If you're interested in learning more about Watercooler prompts, you can find more information here.

How It Works

If your team has activated this feature for your Donut intro channel (more info on how to turn this feature on and off below), you'll be able to request a Conversation Starter at the start of every new Donut intro.

You can hit "Answer" to go ahead and record your response, or you can hit "Shuffle" if you'd like to see another question option.ย 

Once one person has answered the question, Donut will display that someone has answered and will prompt other participants to submit their answers as well.ย 

After everyone has answered, Donut will prompt all participants to reveal your answers to the group. Hit the "Reveal" button to show what everyone said.

Now you'll be able to see what everyone said in response to the question, which can help your group start an organic discussion before or during your Donut meeting. Enjoy!

How to Turn Conversation Starters On/Off From the Dashboard

Turning Conversation Starters on and off in the dashboard is simple:

  1. Login at

  2. Click the settings gear on your Intro channel

  3. Under Engagement, scroll down until you see "conversation starters"

  4. Toggle the switch on or off as needed

  5. Save when finished

Customize Your Team's Conversation Starters

When you turn on Conversation Starters for your team, Donut automatically includes a default list of questions for your team. You can view the list, customize which ones are included, and even add your own from the dashboard.

Find your channel in the dashboard and click on it to edit the settings. Look for "Engagement" under the settings tab at the top of the page. Scroll down to the Conversation Starters.

Click the button that says "customize" in the dashboard by Conversation Starters to open up a list of all questions and customization options.

Donut will open a modal showing all currently active questions you can select and deselect. The modal also includes a button in the bottom left to add your own prompts for your team.

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