There are three different types of intros: Standard, Cross-group, and Lottery. Here is an overview of how each Type works.

All three types operate similarly: set up a Donut channel and choose your intro frequency. Once this is done, every Slack user in your specified Donut channel will be eligible to participate on every intro date. Read on to learn about the differences in each type. 


With this option, every person in the Donut channel will receive an introduction to their match on Slack. The default is pairs, but you can choose up to groups of 8 people. If you are set to pairs and there is an odd number in the channel we will make one trio to ensure everyone is included. Donut uses a special algorithm to create matches that you can read more about here.


With this option you get to define 2 or more groups, such as Sales and Engineering, NYC Office and Dublin Office, or Mentor and Mentee. When participants join the Donut Slack channel, they will be asked to choose which group they belong to and will then will be introduced to people who have selected a different group. Read more about Intro across groups here.


This option allows you to only create a single pair or group each intro round. This is setting is great for lunch lottery programs or CEO roulette where just a single group gets selected each time. You can choose the size of the group, and specify up to 2 people to always be included (e.g. cofounders, or an executive and their assistant). 

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