Syncing HRIS with Donut

Learn how to get your HRIS platform integrated with Donut in just a few minutes.

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Donut’s HRIS integration goes beyond basic data syncing to instead streamline processes like Journeys, Cross-Group Intros, and congratulatory work anniversary and birthday messaging.

Here’s what syncing your team's HRIS with Donut can do for you:

  • Imports your new hires or participants automatically into your preferred Journey.

  • Provides managers and other stakeholders with automatic updates on selected Journeys.

  • Auto-enrolls your new hires or participants in templates based on location, team, role and more.

  • Automatically import your new hires’ work anniversaries and birthdays into your Celebrations channels.

  • The ability to update any anniversaries and birthdays for existing employees.

Intros 🤝

  • Use factors like location, department, employment type and more to make strategic connections across your company.

ℹ️ Intros is not currently compatible with HRIS integrations using Okta or Active Directory.

Steps to sync your HRIS with Donut

1. Login to the Donut dashboard here

2. Click “Connect HRIS

3. Once selected, you’ll go through a quick authentication process for your HRIS.

The authentication process can vary depending on the HRIS platform used.

Donut integrates with over 50 HRIS platforms, here are some of the most popular ones we currently support:

  • BambooHR


  • Ceridian Dayforce

  • Gusto

  • HiBob

  • JustWorks

  • Namely

  • Sage

  • Workday

  • Zenefits

  • UKGPro

  • Azure

  • SAP

  • Paylocity

  • Deel

  • TriNet

  • Charlie HR

  • Alexis HR

For additional resources on authenticating, check out this article. To view a list of all the HRIS platforms we support, click here.

Please note: Integration with Rippling, Google Workspace or ADP Canada is not currently supported.

4. Once authenticated, you can review the features you've just unlocked by connectiong your HRIS! To continue, click Next.

When syncing with Onboarding, you’ll have the option to auto-enroll your new hires into one or more already-existing templates. Click here to learn more!

5. Once you click Next, you can review the data Donut will collect from your HRIS and click “Import Data.”

6. That’s it! HRIS will continue syncing in the background and we will send you a DM in Slack once it’s completed. This process can take a few minutes.

Managing your HRIS integration

To view the HRIS account that is connected and manage its data:

  1. Log into the dashboard

  2. Go to HRIS in the left sidebar menu

  3. On the Overview tab, you can choose to leverage your HRIS data in Onboarding Journeys, Cross-Group Intros, Within-Group Intros, and Celebrations channels.

Questions? Feedback? Click the purple Intercom button in the bottom right corner of the screen, and we'll get back to you soon!

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