Okta and Entra HRIS: What to Know

A quick overview of Donut's Okta and Entra capabilities

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HRIS Intros Not Supported

Donut's HRIS Intros feature, which automatically imports data based on your HRIS groups for Cross-Group and Within-Group Intros, is not compatible with Okta or Entra. With these systems, you'll need to set groups manually.

Celebrations Limitations

Okta and Entra provide less people data via Merge's API than other HRIS systems supported by Donut. Some details like start dates and birthdays may be unavailable.

This means you'll need to manually enter the data that Donut can't pull from your HRIS.

πŸ’‘ Click here to learn more about managing your Celebrations channels manually.

Here is a more granular overview of what Celebrations dates can be automatically imported via an HRIS integration with Okta or Entra:

  • Birthdays: Not natively supported 🚫

  • Start dates: Not natively supported 🚫
    ​Although it is not natively supported, if you set up custom mapping in Okta, we can help import start dates and birth dates into Donut. Please ensure the dates are in β€˜yyyy-mm-dd’ format. Simply add custom fields to your Okta profiles, fill them in with the relevant dates, and let us know. We'll trigger the import process for you.


  • Birthdays: Not natively supported 🚫

  • Start dates: Supported βœ…

Need help importing custom HRIS fields?

If you are tracking employee start dates or birthdays in custom fields in your HRIS and would like assistance importing this data into Donut for celebrations or onboarding, we're happy to help!

Click here to contact our support team to inquire about setting up custom field mappings.

Moving Forward

We're working on improving support for Okta and Entra to provide the full Donut + HRIS experience. Please click the Donut icon in the lower right corner to contact our support team if you have questions or issues using Donut with these HRIS systems.

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