Syncing Donut with HRIS: FAQs

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Syncing Donut with HRIS is a convenient way to streamline Donut crucial programs like Journeys, Intros and Celebrations. Here's a list of some of our most frequently asked questions:

Which HRIS systems do you support?

Donut integrates with over 50 HRIS platforms. Some of our most popular include:













To view a full list of HRIS platforms we support, click here. Integration with Rippling, Google Workspace or ADP Canada is NOT currently supported.

How secure is the Donut HRIS integration?

Security and privacy is a priority at Donut, that’s why we are using Merge as an aggregator to support most HRIS in the market. Merge is an integration tool designed from the ground up to safeguard data in accordance with the industry’s highest standards of security. They are certified in SOC 2 Type II, ISO27001 and HIPAA.

What data does Donut request from our HRIS?

Click here to view a comprehensive table that lists of all of the fields that Donut requests from HRIS.

What if there's data I don't want to give Donut access to?

That’s okay! You’re in control of what fields you provide Donut access to when installing. Some broader fields, such as name and work email address, if disabled, would likely not allow Donut to work as intended. If we have any issues with data syncing via HRIS, we’ll let you know.

How frequently does Donut grab data?

Donut syncs data once a day via HRIS. When Merge detects new or changed employee data, Donut will automatically be pushed updates. However, there may be up to a one day lag from when the data is changed to when it’s reflected by Donut. For example, if you change a new hire start date in their HRIS, it may take up to 24 hours for that change to be reflected in the new hires Onboarding journey.

Does Donut offer a test/sandbox environment?

You can always create a Free Slack workspace and add Donut to it if you would like to test things in a Sandbox type environment. Donut allows a free 2 week trial of all of our plans and Slack allows for unlimited, free workspaces! If you see erroneous data that is synced, we can always work with our Engineering team to correct it. Therefore, syncing with your main workspace can usually be done without any issues regardless.

I have Workday HRIS and my new hires don't have manager details available. How can I fix that?

Due to a limitation of the Workday API, Merge Workday connections do not include manager information for future employees. You can check out this article for a full breakdown on how to configure those custom fields.

I need additional help authenticating my HRIS...

Please view additional Merge authentication guides for each HRIS we support here.

💡 If you have any questions not covered in this article or would like to provide feedback about this feature, please reach out to our Support team by clicking the purple Donut button on the bottom right corner to chat with us!

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