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Invite teammates to your channel

Add Donut Celebrations to the channel

Add Birthday and Work Anniversary Dates

Manage Celebration Messages

Grant Channel Admin Permissions

Celebrations FAQs

Step 1: Invite teammates to your Celebrations channel.

Once the channel is created in your workspace, you can type "/invite @user" in the channel and replace "user" with their Slack display name.

To add people in bulk, please see Slack Support's guide that walks you through this process on the Desktop, iOS, and Android versions: Adding people to a channel.

Step 2: Add Donut Celebrations to your Slack channel.

Log into your Donut dashboard, and select Celebrate Birthdays & Anniversaries from the Templates tab:

On the Program Basics tab, please search for and select the channel where Donut will send Celebration messages. If the channel of your choice is private, there is a hyperlink on this tab that will allow you to search for private channels. To learn more about adding Donut to private channels, please check out our guide.

After selecting the channel, please click Save & Continue in the upper right corner.

Step 3. Add the Birthday and Work Anniversary Dates for each team member in the channel.

Donut will prepopulate the table at the bottom to include the names of each person in the channel. With this in mind, there are 3 ways that you can add Dates:

1. CSV Import: To enter your Dates in bulk, please begin by downloading and editing the template.

There will be three columns: Email, Birthday date, and Work start date.

Please follow these data and formatting requirements for the file you will import:

The email addresses must derive from the users' Slack credentials.

The date format may be mm/dd/yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy, or yyyy/mm/dd.
The file must be in CSV format.

After editing your template, you will then export your file. Please see our guide on

exporting a CSV file for more instructions on how to do this.

Lastly, you will click the Upload filled out sheet button to import your file. If there

are any errors, they will be listed here:

2. The Add Date buttons: You may also manually enter Birthdates and Work start

dates by clicking Add Date in either row:

A calendar will appear where you can choose the corresponding date.

*For Birthdays, please disregard the year. Donut will not save that information.

After selecting Save in the upper right corner, your channel will be officially live!

3. Updating your Settings in Slack: Once dates have been uploaded by a channel

admin, each person in the channel will receive a DM from Donut notifying them:

By clicking Update Settings, you will have the option to edit your Celebrations

preferences. You may edit which channels your celebration messages will be sent to

and change the dates.

Step 4. Manage Celebration Messages

The next tab is Messages; this is where you may toggle on/off which messages you'd like to send to the channel, customize the text, and control the scheduling.

💡 Some teams like to use two separate channels for Birthdays and Work

Anniversaries, which is where this tab comes in handy!

The Message Send Time will default to 9:00 am in your timezone. Click the downward-facing arrow and choose a new time from the menu to update this. You may also adjust the timezone.

Clicking the toggle switches for either automated message will effectively turn on or off Celebrations for the corresponding message.

The Customize messages buttons allow you to tailor your congratulatory messages to whatever fits your team best! Please keep in mind the formatting suggestions that appear in the popup, and consider that this message will be sent for every person unless you edit it here beforehand.
The ability to create custom celebration messages is available on our paid plans.

Birthday GIFs are customizable on all plans. Clicking the Customize Birthday Gifs button will trigger a popup where you can control which Gifs are included in the queue.

Step 5. View Upcoming Celebrations

The Upcoming tab will show all celebrations occurring in the next 30 days. The trophy icon represents work anniversaries and the cake icon is for birthdays!

Step 6. Manage Channel Admin Permissions

The last tab is Access. This tab lives in every Donut program's Settings, so you may already be familiar with how it functions!

Here, you will be able to transfer channel ownership and grant people editing permissions. To learn more about this tab, please see: How to view and edit Donut channel ownership and access.

Donut Celebrations FAQs

Q. Where will the celebration messages appear?

The messages will be sent automatically to the channel you select. Some teams use the #general channel, and others prefer to create a dedicated #celebrations channel.

Q. What happens if the birthday or work anniversary is over the weekend?

Messages will be sent the Friday before the celebration. The Message will adapt its language by default if the celebration falls on a weekend.

E.g., A message that says "Today is @essence's birthday" Will be sent as "Tomorrow is @essence's birthday" if the message falls on a Saturday.

Q. What happens when a member leaves the company? Does deactivating their Slack account instantly remove them from birthdays/anniversaries?

If someone leaves the channel you send celebration messages to, their birthday/anniversary won't be celebrated anymore. Since deactivating a Slack account automatically removes this person from all channels, no celebration messages will be sent for this user once the account has been deactivated.

Q. Can I celebrate only anniversaries or only birthdays on a channel?

Yes! You can choose only to celebrate one of these on a channel. Please see Step 4 in this article for more information.

Q. What if someone prefers not to have their birthday celebrated?
There are two ways that a person's birthday can become private:

1. Admins can toggle off birthday messages from the Dates tab in the dashboard.

2. This setting can also be managed by any individual in Donut's Home Tab in Slack. You may click the Celebrations Preferences button and remove any channels you wish not to be celebrated in.

Q. Can I prompt Donut to ask my teammates for their Celebrations Dates in Slack?
Yes! There is an "Ask for Dates" button on the Dates tab that will trigger a message to those who are missing birth dates and/or work start dates. You can select which folks you'd like to receive the message and view a preview of the DM as well.

Have questions or feedback? Just click the purple intercom button in the bottom right corner of your screen to open up a chat with our support team!

You may also email us at support@donut.ai.

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