🀝 Intros

Donut will select a group of teammates from a channel, introduce them in a direct message, and encourage them to find a time to chat via video or in-person. This is a great way to create connections between teammates who may not normally interact and help them get to know one another better.

🧠 Ideas: Intros channels can be used for programs like:

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🚰 Watercooler

Watercooler posts regular topics in a Slack channel to encourage asynchronous conversations between teammates. The topics can range from light-hearted and fun (like "What's the most beautiful place you've ever seen?") to thought-provoking or personal discussions ("What's one personal goal you have this year?"). Watercooler topics are a simple way to get teammates talking.

🧠 Ideas: Watercooler channels can be used for programs like:

  • Creating custom packs to spark conversation channels like #music

  • Celebrating your team's wins in a channel like #little-wins

  • ✨Tip: You can run both an Intros and a Watercooler channel simultaneously in the same Slack channel! Check out our example using our DEI Mini Actions template.

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🎊 Celebrations

Creating a Celebrations channel will allow you to automate birthday and work anniversary messages in a Slack channel of your choosing. Donut can help you ensure that everyone is included in these congratulatory moments without setting up complicated reminders for your People team! Admins can either import a file of team's celebration dates or ask channel participants directly; personalize the celebration messages; toggle on and off which messages are sent; or even create custom celebrations.

🧠 Ideas: Celebration channels can be used for:

  • Creating a custom celebration for important company dates like founding anniversaries

  • Making sure each member of your team feels included on their special days (with the option to not be celebrated for those who'd prefer to opt out!)

  • Automating away what can be a big time-suck for your People team.

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