DEI mini actions are small exercises to start practicing ideas of inclusion and equity on a regular basis. DEI mini actions are set up to run in one channel, using both Intros and Watercooler simultaneously.

How does it work? Donut will post a DEI "mini-action" in the channel of your choice that encourages teammates to read, watch, or listen to content related to doing the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Then, Donut will make Intros between teammates (we recommend groups of 3+) so that they can break out into small groups to discuss that week's topic.

Start by setting up your DEI Intro channel to the frequency of how often you would like your team to meet for DEI mini action discussions.

Once you've set up the Intro channel, you'll need to set up the same channel as a Watercooler channel and add the DEI Mini Action Watercooler pack. Here's how to set up the Watercooler function:

  1. Visit your Donut Dashboard

  2. Under "Templates" click the card for "Spark Watercooler Conversations" and click "Use Template"

  3. Select the same channel you used for your DEI intros, then set your frequency, date, and time preferences. You should set the Watercooler topic to send a few days before your intros are scheduled to happen, to ensure that your employees have time to read and digest the topic.

  4. Hit Next to go to "Topics" and add the DEI Mini Action Watercooler pack
    (tip: you can toggle off topics you'd rather not include)

  5. Finally, under the "Access" tab you can adjust who has permission to edit the Watercooler channel for your team

  6. Hit "Save" when you've finished adjusting settings

Now your DEI Watercooler topics and DEI Intros will run simultaneously with each other!

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